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1) What does “Remanufactured Equipment” mean?

“Remanufactured” equipment will arrive LOOKING and WORKING like new conditions! Here are a few steps what we do:

Equipment gets disassembled, frames are sand blasted and powder coated, and all wear items such as bushings, bearings, belts, and decks, overlays are replaced with brand new ones.

This is our most popular category so if you are opening a gym and want your equipment “WOW” your customers and get the biggest value for your money, then this category is for YOU!

NOTE:  Some equipment that may have experience some cosmetic flaws and major rust on frame may show signs of wear even after we sand blast and powder coat.

2) Can you assist me to buy directly from the gym?

Absolutely!  We come across lots of full gyms in the US that are for sale. So we can help arrange your containers/trucks loaded at the location and shipped directly to you.  It will save you money and time!

3) What does “As Is” Gym Equipment mean?

It means equipment will be sold in the same condition as we purchased it.  No work will be done to it. Equipment DOES NOT come with any warranty!

4) Who pays for Shipping? Can I use my own Shipping Company?

Most of the time, Customer is responsible for all freight chargers.

However, even though we have very competitive logistic rates (domestic and international), customer can choose to use their own shipping company and pay them directly.  We will be happy to load your containers/trucks for you!

5) Why by from Equip Your Gym?

— Our staff has over 25 years of experience in gym equipment business and fitness industry!

— We provide great personal customer service and always ensure that the customers get best value for their money!

— Our pricing is very competitive with our competitors!

— We have access to the largest used gym equipment inventory in the world!

— Our company sources and provides with top quality products!

— We can provide you with some helpful tips on how to set up your gym profitably right away and get quickest return on your investment!

6) I live outside the United States and my electrical requirements are 220v-240v. Can you supply equipment compatible with my power requirements?

YES! Vast majority of our products go outside the US so we are very familiar with this and will ensure that you have no problems. There’s a small conversion fee added to the price.

7) When I purchase gym equipment, does it arrived assembled?

The majority of our equipment will come fully assembled.  A few exceptions to it would be Jungle Gyms, Cable Crossovers, (in both instances we take a Cross Bar off for transport) and Treadmills (they will arrive in boxes or strategically packaged and stacked to maximize the space inside the trucks/containers). We can provide with detailed explanation on how to put these together if needed.

8) Do you provide a Warranty and how does it work?

All Remanufactured equipment purchased from Equip Your Gym comes with a 30 day limited Labor Warranty (applies only to the US customers) only authorized by Equip Your Gym and a 3 months Parts Replacement Warranty based on application of equipment unless otherwise stated in a signed agreement.

Additional warranty can be purchased if needed.  Please speak to your sales representative.

We can also provide you with access to spare Parts at substantially discounted rates!  Just ask our consultants about it!

Please note that all warranty issues are at the discretion and authorization of Equip Your Gym only.  Any Parts shipped are paid by Equip Your Gym and all Parts returned to Equip Your Gym are paid by the Customer unless otherwise stated.

All. They cover most of the costly repairs you may encounter with your mechanical and electronic components, including: motors, wires, switches, control panels, and motor control boards.

NOTE: You will be responsible for establishing a regular Preventative Maintenance Plan. If you fail to properly maintain your equipment, you may void your warranty. Please call our office to inquire about purchasing a plan or have any questions maintenance.

9) I live outside the United States.  Who will help me with paperwork for Customs to import products from the USA?

At Equip Your Gym, we ship containers all over the world and are very familiar with what you need for the Customs to import our products from the USA.  Our Shipping Department will create all necessary paperwork so that you will have no problems with your local Customs and your shipments are delivered with no delay (see International category)

10) What is your payment policy?

A 50% deposit is required to start production and the remaining 50% is due about a week before your order is ready to ship. We will supply you with pictures and videos for your approval before you send the final payment.

We accept bank wire transfers as well as checks and cash as a form of payment (we will have to wait until the check clears before we ship an order).

— Please note that for our International customers, we ONLY ACCEPT BANK WIRE TRANSFER.

11) After I pay my deposit, how long does it take to complete my order?

If we have equipment in stock at the time an order is turned in (signed proposal and a 50% deposit), it takes 25-30 business days to get an order completed. (excludes weekends and holidays)

If you want custom build your order, it will depend if we have equipment in stock.  When we have to look for equipment, it can take more time (our sales consultants will keep you informed about how your order is coming along).  The more flexible you are the quicker your order will be fulfilled and shipped.

12) Do you provide financing options to for purchasing of gym equipment?

We provide attractive financing programs for customers in the United States only. Our International customers will need to arrange their own financing.