Precor TRM833 Treadmill (110v) 10
Precor TRM835TV Treadmill (110v) 10
Precor RBK825 Recumbent Bike 4
Precor RBK835TV Recumbent Bike 3
Precor UBK835TV Upright Bike 3
Precor EFX835TV Crosstrainer Ramp 3
Precor EFX835TV Elliptical Ramp 3
Precor 835TV AMT Open Stride 3
Precor 833 AMT Open Stride 3
Precor EFX556i V3Crosstrainer 4
Star Trac Pro Spinning Bike 3
Stairmaster 7000PT Stepmill 2
Stairmaster Gauntlet Stepmill 2

STRENGTH (Selectorized)

Bodymasters S314 Seated Pec Deck Vertical 1
Bodymasters S504 Seated Pec/Rear Delt 2
Bodymasters CX320 Shoulder Press 1
Bodymasters CXi280 Shoulder Press 1
Bodymasters CXi322 Lateral Raise 1
Bodymasters CX410 Arm Curl 1
Bodymasters CX420 Triceps Press 1
Bodymasters CX421 Triceps Extension 1
Bodymasters CX422 Overhead Triceps Extension 1
Bodymasters S-100 Standing Calf 1
Bodymasters CX119 Glute Trainer 1
Bodymasters CX116 Adductor 1
Bodymasters CX115 Adductor 1
Bodymasters S-110A Standing Leg Curl 1
Bodymasters CX108 Prone Leg Curl 1
Bodymasters CX108A Seated Leg Curl 1
Bodymasters CX110 Leg Extension 2
Bodymasters CX213 Seated Rowing 1
Bodymasters Cxi213 Seated Rowing 1
Bodymasters CX210 Back Extension 1
Bodymasters CX310 Vertical Chest Press 1
Bodymasters Cxi262 Chest Press 1
Bodymasters Cxi Incline Chest Press 1
Bodymasters S215A Selectorized Chin Dip 2


Bodymasters 8 Stack Jungle Gym 2
Bodymasters Functional Trainer 1


Hammer Strength Ground Base/Squat Lunge 1
Hammer Strength Seated Calf 1
Hammer Strength Seated Dip 1
Hammer Strength Seated Bicep 1
Hammer Strength Lateral Raise 1
Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Shoulder Press 1
Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Wide Chest 1
Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Decline Press 1
Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Super Incline Press 1
Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Bench Press 1
Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Front Pulldown 1
Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral High Row 1
Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Low Row 1
Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Leg Extension 1
Bodymasters Advanced Power Rack 2
Bodymasters CXP712 Lat Pulldown 1
Bodymasters CXP713 Seated Rowing 1
Bodymasters CXP780 Shoulder Press 1
Bodymasters T-Bar Row 1
Bodymasters FW1300 Multi Level Squat Rack 1
Bodymasters Smith Machine 2
Bodymasters 45 Degree Leg Press 2
Bodymasters Angle Calf/ Leg Press 1
Bodymasters Seated Calf 1
Promaxima Vertical Press 1
Bodymasters LXP742 40 Degree Hack Squat 1


Bodymasters Olympic Decline Bench Press 3
Bodymasters Olympic Incline Bench Press 2
Bodymasters Olympic Decline Bench Press 1
Bodymasters Abs Bench 1
Bodymasters Adjustable Preacher Curl 1
Bodymasters Adjustable Bench 5
Bodymasters Straight Seated Bench 1
Bodymasters Seated Adjustable Preacher Curl 1
Precor Ab Bench AB100 1
Bodymasters Hyperextension Bench 2
Bodymasters Ab Adjustable Bench 3
Life Fitness Abs Bosu Ball 1
Hammer Strength Abs Crunch Machine 2
Precor 240i Stretch Trainer 2
Precor V-Crunch Ab103 1


Urethane Olympic Grip Plates 45lbs 94
Urethane Olympic Grip Plates 35lbs 40
Urethane Olympic Grip Plates 25lbs 64
Urethane Olympic Grip Plates 10lbs 60
Urethane Olympic Grip Plates 5lbs 40
Urethane Olympic Grip Plates 2.5lbs 18
Rubber Bumper Plate 45Lbs 4
Rubber Bumper Plate 35Lbs 4
Rubber Bumper Plate 25Lbs 2
Rubber Bumper Plate 10Lbs 4
Bodymasters Plate/Rack 5
Bodymasters Single Bar Rack 1
Precor Plate Rack 1
Bodymasters Rack for 8 Bumper Plates 1
Bodymasters Accessory 1
Olympic Bars 9
Bodymasters Barbell Rack (holds 10 Bars) 2
EZ Curl Bar 20Lbs-110lbs 1
Straight Bar 20Lbs-110lbs 1
Bodymasters Dumbbell Rack (Each Holds 20 Sets) 6
Umax Dumbbells 5Lbs- 100lbs (2,275 in a set 25pairs) 4
Umax Dumbbells 105Lbs-150lbs (2,550lbs) 2

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