Opening a gym? Look no further!

$10,500 USD

If you were looking to open your gym and stay within a budget, now is the time. We have a nice package in good condition, available and ready to ship!

If you’re interested in purchasing this gym or something similar, contact one of our sales reps at (857) 220-7283 or fill out the form below and someone will contact you shortly!

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True ES900 Treadmill with an 11″ LCD Console 1


Sel Lat Machine W/310# 1


PCL Counter Balanced Smith 1


Commercial Multirack 1
Glute Ham 1
Commercial FID Bench 1
Body Solid 2 Tier Dumbbell Rack, Optional 3rd Tier Available 2
Optional 3rd Tier for GDR60 Charcoal Gray 2
BS Reversible Dumbbell KB Rack Kettlebell Rack 1


The Step (F1011W) 1
Pro Elite 24″ Plyobox 1
Strength Training Time Clock 1


5 to 50Lb Rubber Dumbbell Set (Pairs in 5Lb) 1
55 to 75Lb Rubber Dumbbell Set (Pairs in 5Lb) 1
55Lb Rubber Dumbbell 2
60Lb Rubber Dumbbell 2
65Lb Rubber Dumbbell 2
70Lb Rubber Dumbbell 2
75Lb Rubber Dumbbell 2
80 to 100Lb Rubber Dumbbell Set (Pairs in 5Lb Increments) 1
80Lb Rubber Dumbbell 2
85Lb Rubber Dumbbell 2
90Lb Rubber Dumbbell 2
95Lb Rubber Dumbbell 2
100Lb Rubber Dumbbell 2
8Lb Rubber Dumbbell 2
12Lb Rubber Dumbbell 2
20Lb Chrome Kettlebell 1
30Lb Chrome Kettlebell 1
40Lb Chrome Kettlebell 1
50Lb Chrome Kettlebell 1
60Lb Chrome Kettlebell 1
70Lb Chrome Kettlebell 1
80Lb Chrome Kettlebell 1
45Lb Commercial Bumper Plate Black USA 4
35Lb Commercial Bumper Plate Black USA 2
25Lb Commercial Bumper Plate Black USA 2
15Lb Full Commercial Bumper Plate Black USA 2
10Lb Commercial Bumper Plate Black USA 2
7ft Olympic Power Bar Limited 1