AbCoaster FT incorporates functional training into the original AbCoaster CTL. In addition to all the same features as the original CTL, the FT includes a knee pad that has been split into two, so you can now move your legs independently while exercising. A user can still move their knees together while exercising, but now a user can also move them independently as well, which allows a person to obtain functional training benefits during core exercise. One of the hallmarks of functional training is the ability to move your limbs independently while you exercise, which is now possible with the new AbCoaster FT.


• Split Knee Pad for Functional Training

• Heavy-Duty Steel Construction

• Urethane Molded Foam Pads

• Adjustable Hand Grips

• Free-style Motion Seat

• 450 lb. User Weight Capacity

• 40 lb. Olympic Weight Capacity

• Weight Storage Post

• Easy-Move Casters

• Extended Warranty

• Quick and Easy Assembly

DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT   L 51” W 41” H 57” Weight: 150 lb.

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