CYBEX sees beyond todays trends to deliver a new and honest approach to cross-training x the right way to work out. The Cybex Arc Trainer series was developed with the correct arc of motion, a user-friendly path that reaches new heights in biomechanics. It delivers a safe, effective workout based on body basics, not fitness fads. The CYBEX Arc Trainer 630a Cordless x winner of the Product of the Year award two years in a row x is biomechanically suited to the human body x allowing the user to get better results in less time.

Cybex Arc Trainer – Load Dependent

The Arc Trainer is load dependent which means that resistance is scaled to the users weight. Two exercisers, one who weighs 250 lbs and the other 125 lbs, both get the same workout when they enter the same program levels and their own weight. The perfect workout and only CYBEX has it.

Cybex Arc Trainer – Reverse Arc Motion

This is what makes an Arc an Arc. The unique Reverse Arc motion x a patented advanced stride technology x never places the users toe behind the knee (when the toe moves behind the knee significantly more stress is applied to the knee joint). The Reverse Arc motion moves legs in a biomechanically correct pathway x reducing stress at the knee while offering a complete range of motion for both the knee and hip.

Cybex Arc Trainer – Muscle Targeting

Using both resistance and incline makes the Arc Trainer unique in its ability to emphasize specific muscle groups. The quadriceps are targeted in the highest incline position and gluteus is emphasized as the primary muscle group in the lowest incline position.

Cybex Arc Trainer – Glide, Stride, and Climb Zones

The Arc Trainer offers three exercise zones for the ultimate in variety: Low position is for the Glide Medium position called the Stride and High position for the Climb.

Cybex Arc Trainer – Resistance Type

15 Watt minimum resistance provides self-powered operation for virtually any level of user.

Cybex Arc Trainer – Programs

Simple and intuitive to use, the Arc Trainer programs have a convenient split level display, HR monitoring, and an exceptional range of choices to satisfy even the most diverse training needs.

Length 85
Width 31
Height 67
Weight 380.0000

Weight 380 lbs
Dimensions 85 x 31 x 67 in

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