Cybex, a long established leader in strength equipment, has a line of equipment for every type of fitness facility. This is Cybex’s second premium line, the world popular VR2 series.

Cybex VR2 Features for comfort, safety and ease of use:

Range Limiting Devices – Maintain integrity of resistance profile throughout range of motion for safer, more effective workouts.

Incremental Five-lb. Slider Weights – Conveniently mounted next to weight stack so members can easily fine-tune their weight for a better workout. No loose add-on weights to clutter your club.

Lexan Position Markers – Easy to read markers provide simple, intuitive adjustment for members’ most comfortable workout position.

Advanced technology, sleek design, maximum results

  • One of two premium strength lines by Cybex.
  • Designed for better results, total comfort and ease of use.
  • Innovative Dual Axis Technology on select upper body pieces allows users to determine optimal path of motion and isolates targeted muscles for more effective conditioning.

Variable resistance for constant results

  • Improves workout safety and effectiveness.
  • Varies resistance throughout range of motion to match the body’s abilities.
  • Engineered to work effectively with range-limiting devices.

A powerful build

  • Sturdy 1.5″ x 3″ bent-steel tubing throughout.
  • Proprietary urethane encased/kevlar belts for longer life and smoother feel.
  • Low-maintenance construction requires only three tools to install and maintain.
  • Standard adhesive rubber feet decrease machine “skid” to improve safety and flooring surface life.



Cybex VR2 General Specifications


VR2 Frame Finish

  • Shall be made of mechanical quality 11-gauge steel purchased in mill run quantities to assure the best consistency.
  • Prior to applying finish, each part shall be put through a multi-stage wash to remove all oils and to chemically prepare the surface for maximum adhesion. After the wash, the frames shall be dried and coated with an Electrostatically applied powdercoat finish that shall be applied in powder form and then baked until cured.
  • The finish shall be textured and very hard, assuring a scratch and chip resistant finish.

VR2 Weight Selection

  • Weights are to be selected by using a high quality selector pin that completely penetrates the weight plate and locks in place to eliminate any chance of disengaging the pin during use. The pin shall be attached to the weight stack with a plastic lanyard in order that the pin stays with the appropriate machine. All weights shall be selected while the user is in position on/in the machine to allow adjustment of the resistance from the exercise position.

VR2 Weight Stack Configuration

  • All weight stacks shall have a 10 pound starting resistance and 4″ x 18″ x 1″, 20 pound stack weights.

VR2 Increment Weights

  • All machines shall utilize a sliding increment weight system so increment weights do not need to be lifted. System must yield 5 pound weight increments throughout the stack.

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