Diesel Turbo Line Circuit

Is your gym facility ready to join the next strength machine revolution? Save money and stand out with the
Turbo Line from Diesel, it was developed with groundbreaking new applications in strength equipment that will soon elevate the standards for excitement.

Turbo Line

Diesel Turbo Design
Totally reflects Diesel’s aesthetic and innovative design.
Our approach offers you a unique experience exceeding your expectations from a strength training line.

Diesel Turbo Quality
Offers the finest manufacturing quality, which you can always depend on.
The ultra smooth finish of the frames and powder coating combined with the highest quality components insures the ultimate durability and functionality of this series.

Diesel Turbo Motion
Accurately replicates the natural movement of the human body through our independent Convergent Elliptical or I.C.E. movement technology. These advanced movements assure that you have the safest, most effective strength training sessions possible.

Diesel Turbo Ergonomics
Turbo Line seats and pads are not only designed to look great but also to perfectly fit the ergonomics of the human body. This feature keeps you securely in the seat with proper body positioning at all times.
This feature keeps you securely in the seat with roper body positioning at all times.

Diesel Turbo Adjustments
Turbo Line gives you the most convenient and easy to use yellow color coded adjustments in the fitness industry. All adjustment points can be easily reached from the seated position. The seat bottoms and backs are also micro adjustable and hydraulically assisted to provide effort free adjustments.

Diesel Turbo Details
Turbo Line incorporates many useful details to provide you with the comfort and function you need for an enjoyable workout.
From our 5lb easy start add-on weight, which utilizes its own guide rod system for unparalleled smoothness, to the foot protectors which guard the frames, no detail has been missed.

Diesel Turbo Cams
Diesel’s many years of experience has enabled the Turbo Line to utilize the latest in cam technology. Our cam design varies the resistance over the entire range of motion matching the natural strength curve of the human body. Turbo Line cams also utilize and advanced counter weight system, insuring optimum smoothness at all points of the repetition.

Diesel Turbo Transport
Turbo Line also solves installation problems. We have designed these units so that they can be separated into two parts without touching the Kevlar belts. The Turbo Line can easily loved through any door, hallway or elevator.

Turbo Chest Press

Turbo Pec Fly

Turbo Shoulder Press

Turbo Bicep Curl

Turbo Triceps Extension

Turbo Leg Extension

Turbo Prone Leg Curl

Turbo Seated Leg Press





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