Precor Icarian Line: The first strength to focus on moving the bar.

Developed by Icarian and perfected by Precor, this line of strength equipment combines the same beauty, artistic vision and attention to detail you’ve come to expect from the classic Precor series. Durable and easy to use, the line features machines that are engineered to move the way you move. The Precor Icarian Line is the most complete line of equipment in the industry.

With a small footprint, low-profile frame design and over 30 individual machines, these pin-selectorized strength staples are designed to target specific muscles and muscle groups with a fixed motion that guides the user through the exercise. This is the ideal equipment to fortify your strength offering. A low cost, cheap way to get a tough gym started.

101 Abench Pro

204 Camber Curl

205 Bicep Curl

208 Seated Tricep Extension

209 Tricep French Curl

210 Seated Tricep – Flat

215 Seated Dip

309 Vertical Row

310 Seated Row

313 Low Back

320 Dip/Chin Assist

402 Incline Press

404 Vertical Press

405 Vertical Pec Deck

500 Shoulder Press

502 Standing Deltoid

504 Lateral Raise

505 Rear Delt/Pec Fly

602 Leg Sled – Horizontal

602b Leg Sled – Vertical

605 Leg Extension

606 Prone Leg Curl

607 Standing Leg Curl

612 Angled Standing Calf

615 Donkey Calf

618 Glute Isolator

619 Seated Leg Curl

620 Adductor

621 Abductor

623 Angled Seated Calf

712 Abdominal Isolator


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