The dual function of the HumanSport Pull Lift takes the definition of total body exercises to new heights. The ground-level pulleys and handles allow users to perform a variety of squat and lunge related exercises while the upper pulleys provide an excellent variety of high pulley maneuvers. Base Strength Benefits HumanSport strengthens individual muscle groups with outside stabilization, helping prepare and build the muscles youll use in training, while developing your flexibility and stability to ensure youre ready for the harder work to come. Core Stabilization Benefits HumanSports integration of core stabilization and multi-planar movements helps strengthen core muscles in your body, so youll achieve overall strength and balance x enabling you to perform better and get more out of individual muscle group workouts. Dynamic Movement Benefits HumanSport doesnt allow you to depend on linear, machine-like movement for proper form. Instead, its dynamic movement trains your muscles from an infinite number of angles for a broader range of movement, strength, flexibility and balance.

Weight 750.0000 lbs

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