The Star Trac Instinct Dual Adjustable Pulley machine offers dozens of full body exercises in one single strength machine. Featuring a robust design that is custom suited for a health club or the finest of home gyms. This Star Trac Instinct machine features dual pulleys that can be moved with each hand using a trigger-style set of adjustments. Large instructional placards detail twelve basic exercises. Countless variations are possible using the included accessories (Ez-curl bar, thigh/ankle strap, and cushioned press bar). Also, attached are cushioned, multi-position pull-up bars. This machine is the definitine comprehensive personal fitness center. The Dual Adjustable Pulley is the best machine offering an unmatched range of motion. The Instinct dual function machines truly embody space efficiency. By providing two or more exercises in each machine they are perfect for space limited home gyms. Ease of use has not been overlooked as dual function adjustment knobs are bright red and the correct position is indicated by a descriptive functional label. The bright and simple instructional placards ensure switching between exercises is simple and straightforward for your user.

Weight 720.0000 lbs

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