Made in the USA
Choose from 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 post.
Standard width off the wall is 60″ (5′)
Standard height is 8′
Contact us for quotes on custom width and height options
2 Post (4′ L), 1 Pair J-Hooks
3 Post (10′ L), 1 Pair J-Hooks
4 Post (14′ L), 2 Pair J-Hooks
5 Post (20′ L), 2 Pair J-Hooks
6 Post (24′ L), 3 Pair J-Hooks
7 Post (30′ L), 3 Pair J-Hooks
8 Post (34′ L), 4 Pairs J-Hooks
Raw metal pull up bar or standard wrinkle finish.
Double, single, triple, or off set pull up bars available.
Pull up height is adjustable depending on upright height (see pictures below)
Each upright has an 8″ X 8″, 1/4″ thick plate to anchor the unit down.All rigs must be anchored down. Anchor kits are not included
Each rig comes with a pair of j-hooks per every squat/bench station.
Completely modular so you have the option to order more uprights in the future to expand your rig.

Optional Bar Diameters:

Pull Up bracket is 12″ L, bar sits 2″ from top. Height Adjustments:
See 8′ post image below as example:

Weight 0.0000 lbs

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