Owning a gym isn’t all glory and fame. Ask any of them!

But most owners of gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs don’t do it for the glory and fame.

Most will even tell you they don’t do it for the money.

In fact, 99.9% of gym owners will tell you they do it because of their love of fitness and joy of helping others. Running a gym provides the best of both worlds.

As a tribute to the hard-working gym and health club owners, we rounded up 10 inspiring stories that will motivate, inspire, and even help avoid common mistakes!

1. So You Want To Own A Gym?

So You Want To Own A Gym

Distractions and challenges didn’t stop husband and wife duo of Amy and Wes Brinckley from achieving their dream. Read their story here.

2. 10 Components That Contribute To The Success Of A Real Gym

10 Components To A Successful Gym

Read this open letter to an aspiring gym owner to uncover 10 components that lead to the success of a gym. Read it here.

3. Leadership 101: What Gym Owners Need To Know

Leadership 101

Get some straight talk about what it means to be a leader and how that applies to running your gym. Read up here.

4. Not Your Typical Small Gym Owners

Not Your Ordinary Small Gym

Laura and Russel Descognets wanted to build a community, not just a training center. Read their story here.

5. Gym Owners With Experience Make A Difference

Gym Owners With Experience

The more experience you bring into your gym, the better the benefit to your clients. Read the story here.

6. 7 Deadly Mistakes Gym Owners Must Avoid

7 Gym Owner Mistakes

This article flips the tables and looks at 7 mistakes that can hinder success. Read the 7 mistakes here.

7. Gym Saves The Life Of It’s Owners?

Gym Saves The Life Of Owners

Is it possible that owning a gym can save your life? These owners think so. Read their story here.

8. Gym Owner Stands Up To Bullies In The Gym

Gym Owner Stands Up TO Bullies

This article shows the compassion and power of a gym owner that stands up for his patrons. Read the warming story here.

9. Local Gym Owner Helps Returning Serviceman Find Inner Peace

Local Gym Owner

A local serviceman and gym owner is helping troops returning from overseas find some inner peace. Read more here.

10. Confessions Of A CrossFit Gym Owner

Confessions Of A Crossfit Gym Owner

Owning a CrossFit gym is a little different than your average health club. Read about it here.

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