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When you buy used gym equipment, there are a few main things to keep an eye out for. Although saving money is great, it can lead down a road of headaches and delays if not done properly. Use these tips as a guide when buying any used gym equipment.

Buy used gym equipment from a reputable source

When you buy used gym equipment, buying from a reputable source like Equip Your Gym gives you comfort and security for years to come. A reputable source will always guarantee their equipment and provide you with fully refurbished machines. Your supplier should be a large enough company that they can provide you with replacement parts and upgrades when required.


Having options to purchase is great but inventory matters much more than just that. Having a supplier that has a large stock of the same products gives you the flexibility to grow and add to your gym without running around looking for that matching weight bench or treadmill. Issues always arise and equipment needs to be replaced or fixed. With a full stock of replacement parts from lcd screens to cupholders, EquipYourGym has the ability to fix and maintain all used gym equipment.

Shipping and Delivery

If everything goes as planned, problems can still arise when it comes time to box up and ship out your gym. If packed improperly, gym equipment will get damaged, sometimes beyond repair. The last thing anyone needs is to spend time preparing for delivery, only to open boxes and see things broken. Equip Your Gym ships thousands of pieces of equipment each year and has a special team solely dedicated to packing and shipping your equipment to ensure the best possible results on delivery.

Give us a call with any questions regarding your upcoming purchase and let us help point you in the right direction!