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Looking to buy commercial-grade treadmills for your gym, but don’t want to blow your budget?

Then you’re in luck.

We just put together a definitive list of 25 of the best commercial treadmills for gyms.

These are the best used treadmills to buy when you want high-quality equipment without the premium price tag.

Because of a state-of-the art refurbishing process, these treadmills are available at unbelievably lower prices than if you bought them new.

You can view our complete inventory of used gym treadmills for sale here at Equip Your Gym.

Let’s get started…

Matrix MX-T5

Matrix MX-T5 Treadmill

Hands-down one of the best treadmills available on the market. With over 7 different programs to challenge users, this commercial treadmill delivers miles of user satisfaction.

View the Matrix MX-T5 here.

Cybex 530T

Cybex 530T Treadmill

The Cybex 530T was build with safety in mind. With a safety and an automatic Safety Sentry cut-off switch, you can be sure the runner is protected at all times. Also allows easy maintenance and upgrades.

Go to the Cybex 530T

Star Trac Pro 5600

Star Trac Pro 5600 Treadmill

The Star Trac Pro 5600 has 2 fans built right into the console to keep runners cool. The display guides users through beginner and advanced workouts based on their input and fitness levels.

See the Star Trac Pro 5600

Woodway Desmo-S

Woodway Desmo S Treadmill

This is one  of the most durable treadmills ever made. It can handle the rigors of professional athlete training sessions, while providing a smooth ride for users. These are treadmills you can build your gym around.

See our used WoodWay Desmo S treadmills for sale

Technogym 700 Excite

Technogym 700 Excite Treadmill

The Technogym 700 from the Excite series is the cadillac of treadmills. Users get a personal experience with a large user interface display with an iPod dock that has TV and radio integrated. A big, shock-absorbing surface keeps joints from jarring and allow for smooth runs. One of the best treadmills for running.

Technogym 700 Excite Treadmill Inventory

Star Trac 4500

Star Trac 4500 Treadmill

The Star Trac 4500 offers users hundreds of workout options so every use can provide a new experience. Your gym members will flock to this treadmill for its ease of use and versatility.

View our Star Trac 4500 Treadmill Inventory

WoodWay Mercury Model S

Woodway Mercury Model S Treadmill

Is space AND budget a constraint for your gym facility? Then this treadmill is for you. It is the perfect blend of quality, affordability, and size, giving you ultimate flexibility in your facility.

See our WoodWay Mercury Model S Treadmills

Star Trac S-TRx

Star Trac S-TRx Treadmill

Need a simple, smart  cardio solution for your facility? The Star Trac S-TRx is your treadmill. Sleek design with complete functionality. Everything you need and want in a treadmill.

Check out the Star Trac S-TRx Treadmill

Precor 956i Experience

Precor 956i Experience Treadmill

This machine was built to deliver premium quality and health benefits to its users, while maintaining a simple design and low footprint. 30 preset programs, on-the-fly program changing, and a responsive belt make getting fit easy.

Precor 956i Experience Treadmill Inventory

Life Fitness 9700HR Next Generation

Life Fitness 9700HR Next Generation Treadmill

A cardio lover’s dream! The 9700HR Next Generation treadmill has 14 workout programs and a built in digital hear rate system. Users can easily stay in their target heart rate zone while monitoring progress on the scrolling display message center.

Take a closer look at the Life Fitness 9700 Integrity Treadmill

Star Trac E-TRxi

Star Trac E-TRxi Treadmill

Built on the high-quality Star Trac model design, the E-TRxi adds a complete entertainment suite that will keep users engaged during their workouts. Very intuitive design and controls make this a top choice for users.

See the Star Trac E-TRxi Treadmill model up close

Precor C966i

Precor C966i Treadmill

This is the Precor flagship treadmill found across the world at premier fitness clubs and gyms. Optimal shock absorption, durability, and user-friendly display make this a go-to for owners on a budget, that don’t want to sacrifice quality.

Take a look at the Precor Treadmill page

Star Trac Pro 7600

Star Trac PRO 7600 Treadmill

Like the 5600 model, the Star Trac Pro 7600 has 2 personal fans built into the machine and an interactive display workout experience. More functionality make this treadmill stand out over its counterpart.

See our Star Trac PRO 7600 Treadmills

Precor 966i Experience

Precor 966i Experience Treadmill

Trouble-free design and an array of fitness programs and workouts for users make this an ideal treadmill for gyms that get a lot of member traffic. A worry-free choice for all fitness facilities.

See our collection of used Precor 966i Experience treadmills

Life Fitness 95T Achieve

Life Fitness 95T Achieve Treadmill

The Flexdeck technology and sophisticated design of the Life Fitness 95T treadmill will give your facility a distinct feel that will attract members tired of the same old thing found at the competition’s club.

Life Fitness 95T Achieve Treadmill product page

Star Trac E-TRX

Star Trac E-TRX Treadmill

Commercial quality with extreme value. This treadmill is designed to provide a complete workout experience with superior comfort, without constant supervision.

See the extreme value of the Star Trac E-TRX treadmill

Life Fitness 95T Engage

Life Fitness 95T Engage Treadmill

Life Fitness delivers the ultimate cardio experience with the 95T Engage treadmill. The array of features creates the ultimate user experience in exercising.

The Life Fitness 95T Engage Treadmill

Precor 956 HR Treadmill

Precor 956 HR Treadmill

This treadmill is an old favorite of gym and health club owners around the world. Its simple design is easy on the eye, while providing joint support that rivals even the premium treadmill modes of today.

The Precor treadmill inventory page

Life Fitness 95T Inspire

Life Fitness 95T Inspire Treadmill

Inspire to deliver more is the essence of this treadmill. A non-cluttered display and a full set of features make this a member favorite. Buy a used Life Fitness treadmill like the 95T Inspire for extreme value.

Check out our Life Fitness 95T Inspire product page

Star Trac S-TRC

Star Trac S-TRC Treadmill

Like the E-TRX model, this treadmill has it all. The easy to read display, cooling fans, cup holders, and safety stop clip make the Star Trac S-TRC a staple in fitness facilities around the world.

Get a closer look at our used Star Trac S-TRC treadmill page

Life Fitness 95Ti

Life Fitness 95Ti Treadmill

These are the top selling treadmills from the Life Fitness brand. It is no wonder why with 10 workout programs, an engaging display, and integrated Lifepulse digital heart rate monitoring system complete with hand sensors.

View our used Life Fitness 95Ti Treadmill collection

Cybex 445T

Cybex 445T Treadmill

If you want a treadmill that provides a great user experience with a minimal footprint, and even more minimal cost, the Cybex 445T treadmill is for you. One of the top used Cybex treadmills for sale.

Go to the Cybex 445T treadmill page

Life Fitness 9500HR Next Generation

Life Fitness 9500HR Next Generation Treadmill

This is one of the older models on the market, and most popular. These models are hard to find in circulation, and mostly sold to professional fitness centers. A perfect blend of quality and value.

View our refurbished Life Fitness 9500HR Next Generation treadmills

Cybex 750T

Cybex 750T Treadmill

The Cybex 750T is a lot of treadmill without the large footprint. Perfect for both gym owners and gym members. Gym members get a ‘wide-open run’ feel, while gym owners get a reliable, high-performance treadmill that seamlessly integrates into any size fitness facility.

See our Cybex 750T treadmills

Life Fitness 9100 Next Generation

Life Fitness 9100 Next Generation Treadmill

The 9100 Next Generation is the Goldilocks of treadmills. The perfect blend of functionality, durability, user features, and price tag.

You can see our inventory of Life Fitness Integrity treadmills here

Any of these commercial treadmills would be a great addition to your gym!

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