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When you own a gym it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day tasks of running it. You may feel the constant need to make sure the bathrooms are clean, the front desk is organized and ready for clients, and the classes you have available are being taught correctly.

While these things definitely need to be done you can get lost in the menial tasks of being a gym owner. This is why you hire great staff that you’ve informed how you like things done, because you can’t be everywhere at once.

Here are a few situations to avoid so you don’t get lost in the everyday flow of your gym and you have time to get the important stuff done.

Menial Tasks

Once again, the menial tasks are a killer. You hire staff to do a certain job but you still can help but wonder if everything is getting done. You look around and on the surface everything looks calm but you wonder what is going on behind your back. Chances are it’s nothing and you are worrying for no reason.

Try this, hold a monthly, or weekly depending on how often you want to know, meeting with your employees. Ask them how things are going, are they finding their tasks you’ve given them difficult to complete? Do they have questions on something you didn’t think to teach them in training?

This is also a great time to voice any concerns you may have with their performance. Have you noticed yourself cleaning more than you should? Have you found that the customers are complaining of bad service at the front desk?

Talk with them and listen.

You can often avoid many arguments, or foul attitudes, if you state what’s expected of your employees. Maybe they don’t know they are supposed to do something a certain way and need a simple reminder. The meeting will serve that purpose and help you stay focused on tasks that are suited to bettering your gym business.


Being a micromanager kind of falls under the same category as menial tasks but not so much. This one is geared more toward the class instructors and personal trainers of your gym. Do you feel like they may not be doing as good of a job as promised? Are you getting complaints?

Once again, try a monthly, or weekly, meeting. Sit with them and talk it out. If they don’t see an issue with anything that they are doing wrong then you may just have a case of a bad customer. If you still aren’t convinced, put a survey system in place.

Have an area on your website where clients, who have used a particular personal instructor or taken a specific class, can leave feedback on their experience. You can then view this feedback, and if it’s negative like you thought it might be sit down with the instructor or personal trainer and talk it over.

Never try to tell them how they should teach a class, you can mention ways you don’t want things done, but don’t micromanage them if you’ve hired them. You must have liked something they did or said in the beginning, so give them a chance to prove themselves.

Not Prioritizing Your Day

This can include not setting a schedule, seeing clients when it isn’t their turn, or even handling employee situations out of the order in which they arise. Set a schedule for yourself. Say in the morning you come in and run your financial reports to see where your business is standing, then you handle an employee request, and then maybe you have a client that you are personally training.

Always make sure you set the time aside to do your tasks that you have put on your schedule. While it seems necessary to worry yourself with the everyday business of your gym, you as the owner have to also make sure the business side of things gets done.

It’s easy to get lost in these everyday tasks. As a gym owner you want to be available to help your customers and make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. You just have to remember one important thing; you are only one person. While it would be great to always know what is going on, it doesn’t always work that way.

Sometimes you have to take a step back from yourself and realize some of the things you are doing on a daily basis aren’t as productive as you might have thought. Make sure that you fill your day with things that are growing your business and not standing in the way of it.