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When owning a gym you’re going to come into contact with a lot of people. Everyone has a different reason for going to the gym. For some it’s to get a good workout, some may be trying get out of the house, and others may simply have nothing better to do with their time.

No matter where your gym is located, or how busy you are, you’re guaranteed to see these three type of people in your gym.

The “Constant Upgrader”

The constant upgrader is that person who continuously asks you “Do you have this brand new hot machine? Do you plan on getting this brand new hot machine? If so, do you happen to know when it’s going to be here, because my old gym had it, and it worked wonders for me.”

While your immediate response might be something along the lines of, “Well maybe you should go back to your old gym” you might want to refrain.

The truth is you’ll have quite a few customers that want you to constantly upgrade to the new and exciting gym equipment. Don’t feel pressured to have the latest and greatest at all times. The honest truth is, you aren’t going to please everyone who walks in the door of your gym with your selection of equipment no matter how new or technologically advanced they might be.

However, it does say something if you keep hearing the same suggestion over and over again. After all you as a gym owner want to make sure your clients get the best workout possible.

If an important machine is missing from over half of your gym’s population then it would probably be worth your time and money to check it out.

The “Cardio Only”

The “Cardio Only” is the type of person that when they come to the gym you’ll only ever catch them running on the treadmill or riding an elliptical machine. They usually stick to these two machines because either A, they don’t know how to do anything else or B, they don’t really want to be at the gym they are just using it as an excuse to read their book or watch a show without being bothered at home.

While neither of these are a crime this can be bad for you when they no longer need to get away from their home. They haven’t really gotten a lot out of their workout at your gym because they weren’t doing a lot in the first place. This can possibly be bad for you if they ever decide to tell a friend about how they didn’t really lose any weight while using your facility.

The best way to handle these people is to approach them in a friendly manner and offer to show them how to get a good cardio workout using other pieces of equipment in the gym. Explain to them, in the nicest way possible, that it’s important to implement more than just cardio into your routine to get the most out of 3 or so hours they are spending at the gym.

If that doesn’t work then at least you’ll leave them with the impression that if they ever wanted to step up their game you or one of your staff members would be able to help them.

The “New Year, New You”

The “New Year, New Yous” are the fresh faces you see in your gym around the 1st of January to about the second week of January. They are the ones who’ve made it their New Year’s resolution to finally become happy with their fitness level.

You can usually spot them by A, never having seen them in your gym before or B, they walk around the machines with a permanent look of confused bewilderment stamped across their face.

While this means a sudden surge in gym enrollment around the 1st of the year, it doesn’t at all mean they plan to stick around and keep giving you money. The key with these people is to give them a reason to stick around. It would benefit you by having them stay enrolled with your gym and it would benefit them by helping them actually stick to their resolution for a change.

The best thing you can suggest for these type of people is a simple workout routine they can do on their own. Nothing too scary, remember they don’t do this “workout” thing very often, just something to get them feeling the burn and make them hungry for more.

You can also suggest a popular class your gym might have such as a Yoga, Spin, or Zumba.

Just you coming up and talking to them will already leave them with a good feeling about your gym and may even help them get motivated to stick to their plan.

While you may know these customers of your gym all too well you may not have ever done anything about them. The more you can show to your customers the reason why you opened your gym in the first place, the more business you’re going to be able to get and ultimately keep.