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So you’ve got your 10 essential pieces of equipment for your CrossFit box and now you’re ready to change it up.

There are plenty of different pieces of equipment you can use to add a kick to your WODs and keep your clients coming back for more. 

Here are a few that can liven it up and provide a great change. 

Weight Vest

Weight vests are exactly what they sound like, weighted vests. Wearing a weighted vest increases strength and endurance and provides resistance. This resistance works great with workout such as jogging, pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, rope climbing, burpees, and many more.

Make sure before your clients use the weighted vest for a workout they are comfortable with the current moves and can do them correctly without it. If a client attempts to do a workout with the weighted vest without knowing how to do the workout properly it could result in injury.

The typical weight used can range from 5 to 44 lbs depending on the client’s current fitness level and needs. This weighted vest comes in 22 or 44 lbs. and has removable weights to scale up or down for beginners to pros.

Wall Timer

Sure you can keep time on your own pocket timer but a great wall timer will come in handy when your clients want to know how much time they have left. Some people may barely be keeping up and knowing how much time is left is a way they can push themselves forward.

This wall timer comes with a wall mounting bracket, remote control, and power source adapter. It has a 12 or 24 hour display option and can count up or down for rest or training time. 

Agility Ladder & Cones

Agility ladders and cones are great for improving your foot speed, control, and of course your agility. Agility ladders are used on the ground in a sort of hopscotch motion while cones are run around in a sprint.

This ladder comes in single or double size and is made of a durable material. These cones are great because they are colored so you can easily see them and there are 60 in a set for many people to use at once. 

Monkey Bars

Your clients can feel like kids again while exercising on monkey bars. However, monkey bar workouts are a lot more intense than just playing around. Monkey bars are great for building your client’s grip strength and just strength in general.

These monkey bars come in either 4’ or 6’ sections with the standard 1 1/4” bar. The 4’ section includes 3 bars with 6 holes and the 6’ section includes 5 bars with 11 holes. They’re great because they allow you to space out the bars for a more intense workout for your clients.

Power/Sand Bag

In this category you have sand bags, which are used for strength and conditioning exercises. A power bag is just a fancy sand bag with handles. Sand bags are great if you want to increase grip strength in your clients and power bags are great for clients who prefer the handles.

This nylon sandbag has 3 filler parts and weights approximately 70 lbs. This power bag is made of heavy duty PVC leather with handles and comes in 10 lbs. up to 75 lbs. in 5 lb. increments. 

3 Prong Prowler

The 3 Prong Prowler is a great option for increasing your clients GPP, strength, and endurance. They add the amount of weight they want for their workout and push the Prowler across the floor. This Prowler comes with black powder coat paint so your clients will have increased grip.

There is also better hand placement variations which allow for different pushes depending on the build of your client and their preference. Also, the weight bearing bars can be removed so you’ll have an easier time storing the Prowler. 

Weight Sled 

Pulling a sled involves the use of many muscles and joints working together to coordinate movement. A weight sled will provide a good variety to your client’s workout by adding in that extra workout great for many types of conditioning.

Your clients can count on building their strength, endurance, speed, and agility when working out with a sled. We have 3 different types of sleds this includes a 1 prong2 prong, and a 5 prong sled.

While these pieces of equipment aren’t required for your clients to get a great CrossFit workout they definitely help keep things moving and changing. That is what CrossFit is all about.