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Looking to expand the network of your gym as far as advertising opportunities go? Try coming up with a list of companies you can network with. You can offer a deal where every customer they get in their doors also gets a certain discount at your gym and vice-versa.

Here are a few companies that love to partner up with gyms to promote a healthy lifestyle in their customers, and can help you boost internal sales.

Health Food Shops

A great place to advertise is at any store that focuses on healthy eating and selling healthy and organic products to their customers. People who are in shape tend to eat healthier than those who aren’t in the best of shape. This increases your likelihood of advertising to an individual who might be looking for a new gym to join.

Even for those that are just starting their journey to eating clean, this can be a great way to advertise that while the food you eat is a big part of living a great life, exercise definitely makes a huge difference.

Smoothie Chains

Another good option is to try partnering up with places like Smoothie King, Smoothie Factory, Jamba Juice and more. These places promote healthy eating and some even sell supplements in their store.

You can work to get yourself in front of their clients who are already attending a gym of their own, or who are looking to start down a path to a healthier lifestyle, and need a new gym to join.

Smoothies can be a great way to meal replace and help people achieve their weight goals. You can add to this beneficial program with your amazing gym equipment and a fitness regime. You can advertise specific classes or just your gym in general.

Either way people will take notice and give your gym a try.

Supplement Chains

Supplement chains can be a good company to partner up with because you can cross promote your items. If a person is in a supplement store they are likely on a path to a healthier lifestyle, which is what you and the supplement store have in common.

You can set it up with the owner of the supplement store where if they buy a item that customer gets a free “test” week at your gym.

Remember though that if you are already selling supplements in your gym this may not be a good idea. You can run into an issue where the store thinks that you are stealing their customer base by promoting yourself in their store.

Doctor’s Offices

Family doctor’s offices are great to partner with. Often the doctor is referring his or her patient’s to engage in more physical activity to increase their health. It’d be a great opportunity for you to have the doctor mention your gym as a health and fitness solution.

Get with the doctor you are trying to partner with and explain what your gym is about and what you stand for. Chances are the doctor is going to want to have a go-to gym in the area of his office to refer his clients to, if you’d do the same.

This makes you both appear to be experts in health, fitness, and safety aspects of life.

Rehabilitation Centers

Rehabilitation centers are one of the best places you can partner with. After a client is done with rehabilitation, for whatever injury they may have needed it for, they stop all physical activity and assume they are fine.

This isn’t always the case and presenting your gym as a way to continue their road to recovery is a great position to be in.

This can ensure they stay active while also gaining you business. You can even go as far as creating a class in your gym for continuing rehabilitation patients. They can come and do low impact exercises that keep them moving and prevent them from relapsing into their previous state.

While these are only a few companies you can partner with there are tons more out there that share your vision of health. You just have to go out and talk with people. You never know which company is looking for a great gym they can refer their clients to.

They are always looking to refer a gym that is going to take care of their client and provide exceptional customer service.

Networking is key when finding companies to partner with. The more businesses you talk to the higher your chances of meeting new people and expanding your gym business.

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