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Looking for a new line of treadmills to outfit your gym? Are you not sure where to start? While there are many different brands of treadmills on the market today they each have their differences.

Here are a few brands we have in stock to help you decide which will suit your gym’s needs the best. 

Life Fitness

Life Fitness Elevation treadmills are sure to deliver an immersive exercise experience for whatever your fitness level may be. They believe in personalizing the experience whether it’s with an integrated console or attachable TV for your customers to enjoy their favorite shows, a virtual trainer, or music.

Whatever the user decides to do with their Life Fitness treadmill they are sure to get a good workout. Here at Equip Your Gym we offer many styles of Life Fitness treadmills.

Star Trac

We also offer a variety of different Star Trac treadmills. The treadmills we currently have in stock include the E-TR, E-TRx, E-TRXe, 7600 Pro, 5600 Pro, and the Star Trac 4500. Star Trac prides themselves on 20 years of experience building machines that will bring you the best workout possible.

They put emphasis on the user experience with features that will enhance their workout and not bring it down.


Precor prides itself on providing gym owners with optimal performance and durability. With the Ground Effects(R) impact control system the treadmills offer unparalleled feel and quiet operation for its users. We carry Precor treadmills from the Experience series and the Experience TRM series.

The Experience series treadmills offer many programs for increased workout variety, intuitive displays, low maintenance, and low profiles. The Experience TRM series has 3 commercial treadmill options that deliver reliable performance and a personalized exercise experience to its users. 


TechnoGym promotes wellness in everything they do, which is why the treadmills they offer are meant to make your customers happier and provide a better workout. Our two main models we carry are the Artis and the Excite. The Artis is sleek and meant to be less intimidating than other treadmills on the market. It also has a screen for viewing information and your customer’s favorite shows.

We also carry the Excite style of treadmill that is built for intensive use, which makes it great for gyms, hotels, or clubs. Both treadmills are built with ease of use in mind and have the ability to personalize the workout to the person using the machine. 


Cybex prides their treadmills on being different from the competition. Using their long history in treadmill science they make sure they maximize the effect of your exercise training, while minimizing potential for over stress.

Along with providing the best workout Cybex treadmills are built to last. We offer many types of Cybex treadmills here at Equip Your Gym including a few newer models. 


At Equip Your Gym we offer the Matrix MX-T5 treadmill. This treadmill according to its creators was “built to last and leave a lasting impression on the user.” When building the machine they had comfort, efficiency, and universal appeal in mind.

The machine comes with a console display, manual mode options, rolling fit test, 5K run, target heart rate measurement in the hand grips, and an incline range of 0 – 15%.


Woodway treadmills feature state-of-the-art technology to provide the user with a unique workout experience. Their treadmills are durable and built for commercial use. At Equip Your Gym you will find the Woodway Mercury model. This model is narrower than other Woodway treadmills that will save you floor space in your gym.

Don’t think because it’s narrow your customers will be missing out on the benefits of a full size 4Front. It will save you space while still delivering comfort and natural movement without stress on the joints. 


Lastly, we offer the FreeMotion Incline Trainer. This treadmill is unique in that it’s motor is at the back so you get a smooth surface and a spacious feel while using the machine. The motor being on the back allowed them to outfit the deck with impact cushioning using Biostride urethane deck isolators. This ensures your customer’s feet are cushioned with every strike.

With QuickTouch(TM) Incline technology you can go from a -3 to 30% incline at the touch of a button. This machine is supported by a strong belt that won’t need lubrication, a tough lift motor specifically designed for the machine, and provides the option to view your heart rate information. 

You can now see each brand of treadmill has their own unique style and functionality they bring to the table. Deciding which one will work best for your gym is as simple as figuring out what you will need and going from there.