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When you walk into your gym do you feel like it’s a great place to be? Do you think you’re clients enjoy the atmosphere you’ve created? Thinking about the atmosphere of your gym is pretty important.

Whether you’ve had your gym for years or you are about to open a new one you have to keep in mind the way your gym makes others feel.

Here are a few things to look at to determine if your gym has a great atmosphere, and if it doesn’t, how you can fix it.

Helpful Gym Staff

It would be amazing to don a disguise and walk into your gym as a complete stranger. This way you can see the real way your staff is reacting and helping your new or existing clients.

This would tell you exactly how they are making your clients feel. It’s important because staff can play a big part in creating a great atmosphere.

It all starts with hiring helpful, friendly staff members and training them well. Training your staff on how to handle new members, questions, angry clients, and other things is a great way to ensure a smooth operation.

If you make sure your staff is prepared you can bet that they are going to know exactly how to handle every situation. This can ensure your clients are having the best experience possible in your gym.


Gym Environment

How’s your music? Is it pumping up your clients or letting them down? While most members of your gym will have their own headphones in their ears there’s always a chance they might forget them.

On the off chance they decide not to buy the earbuds you have for sale, you’re going to want to make sure you have good tunes playing. Having uplifting and energetic music playing is the perfect way to create a positive and motivating atmosphere.

While good music is important you also want to make sure the colors in your gym spark energy and positive emotions in your clients. If you are building or thinking of renovating your current gym pay attention to the colors you choose.

In your aerobic areas of your gym the color red is good for increasing heart rate and breathing, yellow can speed metabolism and concentration, and the color orange is good for creating feelings of enthusiasm and cheerfulness.

In your weight-lifting areas blue is good for increased concentration. It can also create a sense of increased strength and can actually improve how much your client can lift.

In rooms where yoga classes take place light blues and greens are good for creating a peaceful and calming space. Even black has been associated with inducing a sense of power and strength. While painting a room black may not be ideal, using accents of black can have the same effect.


It’s no secret that people sweat when they work out. When there are many sweaty people working out in your gym it can lead to smelly surroundings. Do you notice an odor in the air that isn’t going away?

Handle it. There’s nothing more repulsing than a smell or odor when you are trying to workout or concentrate on a class you may be taking.

While most people will understand that it isn’t your fault if another gym member can’t keep up with their hygiene, they may not be as forgiving if their environment isn’t clean as well.

Keeping your gym clean is highly important. Nothing will lose you clients quicker than having a consistently dirty gym. Make sure your staff is trained to spot areas that need to be cleaned or wiped off on routine. Nobody wants to get down in an environment they aren’t comfortable in.


Take a walk around your gym. When you look at your walls, lighting, machines, or the colors that you’ve chosen do you feel motivated? Do you feel pumped to get started on your workout? Chances are if you don’t feel motivated in your own gym neither will your clients.

Sometimes when you’ve owned and operated a gym for so long your gym’s atmosphere can become stale and feel boring or routine. This can happen without you even realizing it.

Hiring and training helpful and friendly staff members, having energetic music playing, changing up the color on the walls, or just keeping a clean environment at all times are great places to start when trying to change up the atmosphere in your gym or create a better one.