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There is an extensive range of black and colored bumper plates, from 10lb up to 55lb, all at the best prices you’ll find anywhere. No matter if the end goal is Olympic lifting, gym-based workout programs like CrossFit, or just personal training studio http://www.equipyourgym.com/ has the plates to meet your training and competition needs.

What are bumper plates?


Bumper plates are precision weights made of extremely durable rubber. They’re all the same diameter (450mm) regardless of weight, and they all fit an Olympic bar. They were invented in the 1960’s during a boom in personal fitness, as more and more people began to realize the importance of weight training for health and strength. Traditional metal weights used in lifting could seriously damage platforms and floors if dropped from height, so bumper plates were developed to bounce safely instead.

If you’re setting up equipment for a Crossfit gym, you’re going to need a good variety ofbumper plates. It can be a big investment, so you want to get it right. Choose a supplier that offers quality and variety and won’t break your budget.

For more information please email us at sales@equipyourgym.com or visit our website at http://www.equipyourgym.com/