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Rowing on Concept 2 Rowing machines is an excellent exercise to attain maximum physical fitness.  Much like rowing a boat on the water, a stationaryConcept 2 Rowing machine can help to build and tone muscles, strengthen cardiovascular function and increase stamina.


Weight Loss

Rowing on Concept 2 Rowersburns calories and is an excellent adjunct to a weight loss program. A vigorous workout on a rowing machine can burn up to 125 calories in 15 minutes, or about 500 calories in an hour. Rowing for an hour per day can help dieters lose as much as 1lb per week.



Indoor rowing is an endurance exercise which increases heart function and utilizes carbohydrates to provide the energy required to exercise. Keeping Concept 2 Rowing machine tension on low allows rowers to maintain a high level of speed with little resistance in order to reach and maintain an aerobic state. Aerobic exercise improves lung, heart and circulation systems and is the cornerstone of an effective exercise routine.


Muscle Toning

Exercising on Concept 2 Rowersinvokes all the muscles of the body and trains them evenly. With little pressure on the joints, rowers work legs, hips and buttocks with each stroke. They use upper body muscles, strengthening the back, shoulders and arms. The trunk and core are engaged in the exercise as the rower performs each stroke. You can adjust Concept 2 Rowing machines to create a tighter resistance to build muscles as well.


Stress Reduction

Concept 2 Rowing machines are a popular choice among gym owners and even home customers because they come in compact sizes. Some models can be folded and easily stored under beds or in closets. Concept 2 Rowing machines can be placed in front of the television for stress-free workouts. Doctors report that physical activity stimulates pleasure centers in the brain. Cardiovascular workouts in particular increase the amount of endorphins released in the body, which can reduce stress.