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If you’d like further information about any of our products or gym packages, send us a message below or give us a call at (857) 220-7283

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

What does “Remanufactured Equipment” mean?

“Remanufactured” equipment will arrive LOOKING and WORKING like new conditions! Here are a few steps what we do:

Equipment gets disassembled, frames are sand blasted and powder coated, and all wear items such as bushings, bearings, belts, and decks, overlays are replaced with brand new ones.

This is our most popular category so if you are opening a gym and want your equipment “WOW” your customers and get the biggest value for your money, then this category is for YOU!

NOTE:  Some equipment that may have experience some cosmetic flaws and major rust on frame may show signs of wear even after we sand blast and powder coat.

Can you assist me to buy directly from the gym?

Absolutely!  We come across lots of full gyms in the US that are for sale. So we can help arrange your containers/trucks loaded at the location and shipped directly to you.  It will save you money and time!

What does “As Is” Gym Equipment mean?

It means equipment will be sold in the same condition as we purchased it.  No work will be done to it. Equipment DOES NOT come with any warranty!

4) Who pays for Shipping? Can I use my own Shipping Company?

Most of the time, Customer is responsible for all freight chargers.

However, even though we have very competitive logistic rates (domestic and international), customer can choose to use their own shipping company and pay them directly.  We will be happy to load your containers/trucks for you!