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CrossFit training has transformed the way people achieve and go beyond their fitness goals. Performed in gyms and at home via the internet, people around the world are achieving a level of fitness that they only dreamed about.

In 2000, Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai founded CrossFit training by combining personal fitness workouts with a competitive edge.

In 2005 there were only 13 gyms practicing the CrossFit methods. Now there are over 10,000 affiliate gyms around the world.

Word Out Of The Day

Every day, participants perform a different set of exercises that center around the Work Out of the Day, known as the “WOD”.

In the gym, an hour long class is centered around the WOD using calisthenics, weight lifting, high-intensity interval training, gymnastics and other disciplines.

In a home setting, specific CrossFit gym equipment is used to practice the WOD, sent daily, via the internet. Men and women around the world are changing the way they look at fitness and the fit way they look.

CrossFit Exercise Equipment

When starting a home practice, it is easy to purchase the wrong equipment and spend a lot of money, unnecessarily. Below is a quick list of CrossFit equipment to get you started.

You will be more successful with your workouts, when you have the proper equipment at home.

  1. Pull Up Bar: The pull up bar is used for “pull ups” and rings can be attached for additional exercises. There are two basic options, a permanently mounted wall unit, or a portable is one that can be expanded across a doorway and removed when your WOD has been completed.
  2. Rings: Attached to the pull up bar with straps, beginners can lean back and pull their shoulders to the bar. More advanced athletes perform gymnastic style exercises. The rings are available in wood, plastic or metal.
  3. Olympic Barbell: Weighted bars from 25 to 45 pounds used alone, or with plates to add weight. These can be used in a weight lifting capacity and for other disciplines.
  4. Weight Plates: Olympic plates added to the barbell to increase the amount of weight being lifted.
  5. Kettle-bell and Weighted Balls: Both are used to strengthen your arms and grip.

You now have a starting list of equipment to make your home workout more successful. You can feel confident that you will be able to complete the WOD sent to you. The list is far from comprehensive, however, it is a great place to begin.

View our entire inventory of CrossFit fitness equipment on our Cross-Conditioning page.