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Crossfit EquipmentCrossFit has become one of the most popular ways to get in shape. At EquipYourGym.com you can custom build your own CrossFit equipment package and save lot of money at the same time!

You do not have to invest a great deal upfront, you can start small with room for growth.

You can also bumper plateskettlebellsmedicine balls, plyo boxesweight sleds, racksplatforms and various pull up rig attachments so that if you have a large class, you’ve got enough to work with to keep everyone moving and keep it interesting and challenging.

We’ve assembled our packages based upon what we have found to be the most useful and essential equipment.  This is our passion and our mission is to get you the most out of every dollar!

That doesn’t mean you are getting cheap equipment or that you aren’t getting a lot of equipment in our gym packages.

What good is a piece of equipment that you spend less on but have to replace in 6 months or a year? Or what good are pieces of equipment that get used once every two weeks?

That is why we have put together simple pre-set packages as well as ability for our customers to build their own package based on their business model, budget and size of their location. We have put together choices not only on what is essential, but on what is QUALITY. You won’t find the cheapest bars here, or the cheapest bumpers.  We only sell equipment that lasts and stands up to the demands of heavy use.

For more information about CrossFit equipment as well as any other commercial gym equipment please visit us at www.equipyourgym.com or email us at sales@equipyourgym.com