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Cybex TreadmillsMany people give little thought to the piece of exercise equipment they are working on while at the gym. They tend to focus on the sensation of using fitness machines and their quest to improve the look of their own physique.

This is rarely the case, however, when people are using Cybex exercise equipment.

When they are using the Cybex line of cross trainers, treadmills or elliptical machines, even a novice at exercise will be able to feel the difference because their fitness machines have been designed and manufactured to provide an experience that maximizes a myriad of training efforts.

In addition to their line of cardio fitness machines, they are proud to offer their line of Cybex weight lifting equipment. Gym users see definition whether they are building up their biceps or using a Cybex Leg Press to sculpt their calves.

Ease of Use

Cybex exercise equipment is known for the smooth ride each piece provides while in motion. This eliminates much of the stress that can occur on the joints and total body after exerting oneself on a typical piece of equipment.

Gym users enjoy the flexibility this gives their daily workouts. Owners and managers of fitness facilities love the superior nature of this line of fitness equipment for its reliability and ease of operation.


The company’s line of treadmills is most noted for their Total Access Treadmill. This is a treadmill known for what has been described as “inclusive fitness”.

Users are treated to a console, which contains color coded controls. While they walk, jog or run, users can adjust the controls with large buttons and raised icons.

This is not only a necessity for those who are visually impaired, but perfect for older users who need clear and concise texts.

Fitness Bikes

The Cybex line of bikes has several models that are easy to set up and instruct new users on. These exercise bicycles have been developed for each fitness level.

This includes every group from those biking enthusiasts who road race to those gym goers who have never ridden a stationary bike before in their lives.

In particular, these fitness bikes can be used for rehabilitation due to the extensive range of settings. Each bike can be used at its lowest input of 20 watts, all the way up to its highest level at 900 watts of power.

Fitness Education

Not only is the Cybex company proud of the unique fitness equipment they design and produce, but they are also keen on making sure there are trainers who can carry out their vision of fitness. They provide Fitness Pro Education to those personal trainers who are qualified to take their knowledge to the next level.

Their fitness education program offers an assortment of courses that help trainers build advanced skills and learn ways to encourage fitness for their own students.

To continue their quest to develop new forms of fitness equipment and refine current designs, Cybex runs their own set of research facilities. The Cybex Institute makes it their mission to further their concept of fitness.

The company’s research team uses their expertise to optimize the safe experience their fitness machines provide for all, both users and trainers alike.

If you want to find out more about our line of used and refurbished Cybex exercise equipment, contact us or call us Toll Free at 888-650-7250.