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Cybex manufactures different types of strength training equipment, including selectorized machines, functional trainersplate loaded and free weight pieces, as well as multi-station units. Cybex manufactures different lines of selectorized equipment, and each is designed to accommodate different budget constraints.

Selectorized machines, also known as pin-selected machines, use a weight stack and are designed to strengthen a particular muscle group using a specific movement. Cybex functional trainers are designed with multiple pulley systems to allow for a more natural, or functional, range of motion that requires the use of several muscle groups at once.


Plate-loaded pieces are similar to selectorized machines with the exception that individual plate are used for resistance as opposed to the pin-selected weight stack. Free weights are more traditional weight implements and include pieces such as the squat rack, bench, and dumbbells.

Multi-stations and jungle gym units are found in gyms with space and expense limitations. Multi-station and jungle gyms combine several different machines into one unit.

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