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Anne Heidl is a one of the happy customers who recently purchased 2 separate gym equipment orders from EquipYourGym.com.  She is the Treasurer of a Physical Fitness Committee with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics in San Francisco, CA which makes decision on what types of gym equipment they get for their staff.
The Physical Fitness Committee is a group of volunteers that got together and created an “in-house” gym for every Federal employee that wanted to join. They try to keep their membership dues as low as possible; therefore, they really do their due dilligence when it comes down to quality and price of gym equipment.
Here is what she says about her experience:
“Last fall it was time to update our clunky old Cybex stuff.  One of the officers suggested a cable system for its versatility and small footprint.  The Committee searched all over the internet and realized we could buy remanufactured systems.  We asked for bids from three different companies, and EquipYourGym was by far the lowest!  They amazing price, the high quality of the equipment and the excellent service we received with the first purchase made you our preferred vendor when our old StairMaster died.  We look forward to getting it from you as well. Thank you for making the equipment replacement experience so easy!”