Looking for a new brand of stationary bikes for your home or commercial gym? There are many different options on the market today, which makes the decision on which to choose more difficult.

You want one that is going to provide an excellent workout to more than just a few of your clients, one in your budget, and one durable enough to last your gym a while.

Here are a few different gym equipment brands and a couple of stationary bikes they offer. One is an upright version and one will be a recumbent version.

Having a mix of both is important to suit the needs of many customers of your gym.

Life Fitness

  • 95Ce Upright Bike – This bike is a flagship product of Life Fitness and sets the standard for unparalleled cycling performance. During their workout your customers will be able to use the integrated LCD screen, heart rate hand sensors, ergonomically correct handlebars, and 11 Wide Ride pedal adjustment options. It is truly a must have exercise bike for every facility.
  • 95R Recumbent Bike – Life Fitness has a strong commitment to biomechanics research and they have created a stationary bike that fits many different body types. This bike features a comfortable seat with improved thigh clearance to promote a more comfortable workout for every fitness level. You’ll also be able to use the 15” Engage console where you can watch your favorite show, follow along with your built-in virtual trainer, or listen to music from your favorite device.


  • C846i Experience Upright Bike – This is Precor’s current model of upright bikes and offers a belt driven system with a double step-up drive, rather than a chain, to deliver a smoother and quieter workout. Using the Poly-V belt instead of the chain also means you’ll have to do less maintenance on the machine keeping your maintenance levels down and your gym’s flow moving smoother. Your customers will love using the touch sensitive display to operate the machine. On the display they will be able to view information vital to their workout.
  • C846i Experience Recumbent Bike – This stationary bike takes the stress off of your back and knees while still delivering a superior workout you would receive from other famous Precor elliptical machines. When using the bike your customers will have 15 different workout programs to choose from to ensure they are able to change it up each time they return to the machine. Using the display your customers will be able to touch a button and see their heart rate, speed, elapsed time, and anything else they may need to know. Your customers can count on this machine to deliver a fluid, natural workout every time they use it.


  • Excite 700 Upright Bike – This stationary bike is unique in the fact that it offers an ergonomic “real road” workout experience. Using the bike you will be able to choose between 25 levels of resistance, 13 different languages, and make use of the fully adjustable seat. Also included is the console TV with a touch screen. On the screen you’ll be able to view a quick start program, goals, time, distance, calories burned, training zone, weight loss, and much more. Due to its durability this machine is great for gyms, hotels, or clubs.
  • Excited 700 Recline Bike – This stationary bike is perfect for people who are looking for a great cardio workout out but have limited mobility. This bike features a 50cm walk-through with a built-in support bar beneath the interface to assist in getting seated. A padded backrest that offers 4 positions for all body types ensures your customers get a comfortable workout every time. You won’t have to worry about incorrect posture with the Fast Track Control levers that allow safe positioning. The machine offers a touch screen interface that allows your customers to view all the information regarding their workout. Due to its durability this machine is great for gyms, hotels, or clubs.

These are only a few of the options we have here at Equip Your Gym. We also carry stationary bikes from other equipment companies such as Matrix and Star Trac.

Finding the perfect bikes for your gym will depend on your available budget, the space you have to place the bikes, how many you need, and much more.

Contact us today to see how we can help your gym decide on the perfect brand of stationary bikes.