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As a company specializing in renting fitness equipment, we have established a robust and collaborative relationship with various government divisions and offices. Our primary focus is to enhance the physical well-being and health of government employees, recognizing the importance of fitness in maintaining high levels of productivity and mental alertness. We work closely with government health and wellness programs to provide state-of-the-art fitness equipment tailored to the specific needs of each department. Our services include the installation of equipment in government buildings, ranging from treadmills and stationary bikes to strength training and flexibility apparatus. We ensure that these installations are space-efficient and cater to a wide range of fitness levels, making them accessible and beneficial for all employees.

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In addition to equipment rental, we offer comprehensive maintenance and support services. This includes regular equipment checks and servicing to ensure safety and optimal performance. We understand the unique security and confidentiality requirements of government offices and adhere strictly to all necessary protocols during installation, maintenance, and removal of equipment. By fostering a culture of health and fitness within government divisions, we aim to contribute to the overall well-being of public servants, ultimately supporting the efficient and effective delivery of public services.

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Keep your employees happy and healthy with a our flexible short term equipment rentals! Our rentals are perfect for all personal trainers, traveling trainers, group classes, trade shows, and more, looking to provide next level amenities for its clients! Our rental package gives you the equipment and maintenance of a full service gym without the headache or upkeep of the machines! Our rental packages are fully customizable to fit any brand, space, or budget.

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If you are looking for something even more unique, we provide full customization of your equipment including paint, upholstery, and logos! All equipment rentals include free service, repairs, and maintenance for the entirety of your rental. This saves you on costly replacement parts and staff to maintain your gym.

With little upfront costs and a low monthly fee, we can get your gym planned, built, and setup in no time. With our flexible rental system, you can start off month to month with no contracts to see how you like working with Equip Your Gym!