Precor P8 885 TRM Treadmill (3)
Star Trac 7600 Pro Treadmill (3)
Star Trac E-TRx Treadmill (1)
Precor 546i Experience Elliptical/Crosstrainer (3)
Precor 576i Experience Elliptical/Crosstrainer (5)
Precor RBK 835 Recumbent Bike (2)
Star Trac Pro Stepper (1)
Stairmaster 4600CL Stepper (3)
Star Trac NXT Black (2)


Bodymasters Functional Trainer 8 Stations: (1)
* Leg Press, Incline Press, Pec Deck, (2) Cable Crossover, Shoulder Press, Low Row, Lat Pulldown
Bodymasters Functional Trainer 8 Stations: (1)
* Standing Leg Curl, Lateral Raise, (2) Cable Crossover, Abdominal Curl, Lat Pulldown, Triceps Press, Low Row


Bodymasters Back Extension 1
Bodymasters Multi Hip 1
Bodymasters Super Leg Extension 1
Bodymasters Seated Rowing 2
Bodymasters Standing Calf 1
Bodymasters Seated Abdominal 1
Bodymasters Seated Leg Curl 1
Bodymasters Super Prone Leg Curl 1
Precor Icarian Seated Dip 1
Precor Icarian Seated Leg Curl 1
Precor Icarian Shoulder Press 1
Nautilus Leg Press 1
Precor Icarian Glute Isolator 1
Precor Icarian Abdominal 1
Precor Icarian Leg Extension 1
Precor Icarian Vertical Chest Press 1
Nautilus Overhead Press 1
Nautilus Lower Back 1
Nautilus Abdominal 1
Bodymasters Chest Press 1
Nautilus Rotary Torso 1
Nautilus Nitro Vertical Chest Press 1
Precor Icarian Camber Curl 1
Precor Icarian Tricep Extension 2
Bodymasters Tricep Dip Press 1
Nautilus Lateral Raise 1
Bodymasters Seated Leg Press 1
Bodymasters Abductor 1
Bodymasters Adductor 1


Bodymasters Smith Machine 1
Bodymasters Inverted Leg Press 1
Bodymasters Hack Machine 1
Bodymasters Shrug 1
Bodymasters Shoulder Press 1
Bodymasters Calf Raise 1
Bodymasters Power Squat 1


Bodymasters Beauty Bell Rack 4
Bodymasters Accesory Rack 1
Bodymasters Weight Tree 4
Bodymasters Fixed Barbell Rack 1
Precor Single Tier Dumbbell Rack 1
Bodymasters Single Tier Dumbbell Rack 3
Precor Fixed Barbell Rack 1
Precor Icarian Beauty Bell Rack 1
Bodymasters Squat Rack 1


Bodymasters Roman Chair (VKR) 1
Bodymasters Dumbbell Flat Bench 7
Bodymasters Adjustable Decline Bench 4
Precor Icarian Adjustable Decline Bench 2
Bodymasters Olympic Decline Bench 1
Bodymasters Olympic Incline Bench 2
Bodymasters Olympic Flat Bench 5
Bodymasters 45 Degree Back Extension 1
Bodymasters 0-90 Degree Adjustable Bench 2
Precor Icarian 0-90 Degree Adjustable Bench 1
Bodymasters Standing Preacher Curl 1
Bodymasters Seated Preacher Curl 1

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