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Thinking about adding a new class to your gym’s monthly calendar? Is that new class going to be CrossFit? There are tons of people out there that love Crossfit and plenty who swear it’s the worst thing ever brought to exercising.

The truth of the matter is CrossFit is a high intensity workout that can be safe if done correctly and hazardous if done incorrectly.

There are many different things to think about when introducing a CrossFit training class to your current gym members. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Hiring A Good CrossFit Instructor

It is highly important to any gym class that you hire an instructor who is seasoned and professional. You never want someone who is careless about safety or rules teaching a CrossFit class. This can lead to many accidents and injuries.

You also want to make sure they know what they are doing and how to effectively teach a CrossFit class or your participants won’t get anything out of it.

Be sure to interview different candidates and ask questions to make sure they know what they are doing and what they are teaching.

There’s nothing worse than hiring someone to teach a class who is just learning how to do the activities themselves.

That can lead to negative reviews and worse it could lead to injuries.

Safety First

CrossFit Training

Always make sure your instructor makes the participants aware of the safety hazards of high intensity workouts. If they notice a participant being careless make sure they aren’t afraid to tell them the right and wrong way to do their workout.

If you see or hear that an instructor isn’t being safe, or is asking participants to do unsafe workouts, speak up. After all any safety mishaps that happen in your gym because of the carelessness of an instructor are on you.

Be sure to have any participants of a CrossFit class sign a safety waver. If you have a good instructor, who is keeping an eye on form and carelessness, you shouldn’t have a problem.

The waiver will help protect you from anyone who doesn’t listen to the instructor or maybe someone who is showing off and gets hurt.

You want to make sure any safety mishaps are on the participants and not you or the instructor.

The Space To Make It Happen

Choose a spacious area in your gym for the CrossFit training to take place.

If you have a gym many casual gym goers attend you might want to put the CrossFit area away from your regular machines as it might scare them off!

You’re going to want to make sure the area or room you hold the class in is large enough for the activities that will be taking place.

While some may be using the battle ropes others may be working with the kettlebells. Either way you need to make sure they have adequate room to do these exercises so no one gets hurt.

Buying CrossFit Equipment

To start an entirely new course you will have to buy CrossFit equipment. You may already have a few of the required items for a CrossFit style workout but there may still be a few you will need to buy.

It’s best to get with the instructor when making new equipment purchases to avoid useless spending.

A trained and seasoned CrossFit instructor will know exactly what equipment is needed to teach the class.

The 10 most common CrossFit equipment pieces for a CrossFit WOD are a pull up rig, weightlifting bar, bumper plates, Kettlebell, medicine/slam ball, jump rope/battle rope, Plyo box, concept 2 rower, and a GHD machine.

Picking up a CrossFit Affiliate Package is a great way to get a complete CrossFit setup for one low price.

You can also find machines that do more than one thing such as a power rack that can serve as a pull up rig and squat rack.

When starting a CrossFit program in your gym remember that isn’t for everyone. Even though the payout is high, it is a high intensity workout that may scare some.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get tons of sign ups immediately. Allow the class to run for a few months and let your other gym goers check it out.

They may decide it’s something they’d like to try down the road and you’ve given them another reason to stay at your gym.

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