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“What is the first thing that you notice when you walk into any CrossFit gym?  Well, the first thing you would notice is lack of treadmills, selectorized and plate loaded machines associated with a traditional gym.  Then, you notice the Wall Mounted Pull Up stations or the Free Standing Pull Up Rig.

There a few different options here but we will cover the basic 2 set ups:
Free Standing Rig

Free standing rigs are very popular.  Typically, as soon as you walk in, it is one of the first things you see in a CrossFit gym.  You can easily incorporate it into every workout at various days of the week.  And if placed in the center of your gym, you’ve got a great focal point so as your clients train, you can concentrate on their form.

The Free Standing Rig also offers the benefit of more squat stations than it’s counterpart, the Wall Mount.  And if your location is a center unit in a complex you may learn that the walls are constructed solely of drywall which makes the Wall Mounted Unit tougher to install.  Without a solid masonry wall to attach to, you’ve got some modifications to make.

Wall Mounted Rig:

Wall mounted rigs are a great choice too, especially if you’ve got limited floor space.  When attached, they stand a full six feet away from the wall which still allows for Wall Balls from within the rig.

And with a Wall Mounted Rig, you’ve still got room for growth.  If your gym grows, and you need to move to a bigger space, the Wall Mounted Rig can easily transform into a Free Standing Rig with just a few added components. (see www.equipyourgym.com for more information on various attachments)

So, what type is right?  We recommend the Wall Mounted Rig for a small CrossFit studio because it is the most budget friendly and can easily grow with your gym.  But, by all means if you’ve got the space, the budget and the immediate client potential, the Free Standing rig may be a better fit for you!

At the end of the day, the CrossFit Pullup Rig will be the centerpiece of your gym!

For more information please contact us at sales@equipyourgym.com or visit us at www.equipyourgym.com