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People today are more health conscious than they were before. They have a deep understanding that fitness is not a 90 days inch and kg loss program. Rather fitness is a lifestyle which runs deep in the blood. Perhaps, this is the reason that people are keener in joining a gym these days.

How to select a gym for your workout


Ideally before selecting any one gym for your workout, you should see that it is fully equipped with all kinds of gym exercise machines. Life fitness exercise bike,weight exercise equipment and health fitness equipment should be present. Machines like lat pull down systems, leg curl machines, preacher machines, squat racks, and smith machines should be present. Machine workout is ideal for many isolation exercises. Also you need to find out the availability of Cardio equipments like treadmill, jogger, cross trainer, stationary bike, spinning bike, etc. Nevertheless, availability of the free weights is also important. You should see that there are dumbbells at least up to 60 kg in a pair along with many Olympic size rods and weight plates of 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15 and 20 kg. Incline bench, flat bench and decline bench are also essential for performing chest workouts. You should also see that your gym provides enough exercise mats, steppers, body fat Analyzer and has a spinning studio.

How to make your own gym at your home

If you do not have time to go to a gym, you can have your own gym in the house. If you want to have your own gym in your house, the very first thing you need is a space big enough that can accommodate all the big and heavy gym exercise machines and is not congested at the same time. Also it has to be air conditioned and should have proper lighting facilities.

Once you have found the space to establish your own gym, you need to buy machines and weights for your gym. For cardiovascular workouts you need to get cardio equipments like life fitness exercise bike, treadmill, stationary exercise cycle, skipping rope, spinning bike, etc. For strength and functional training you need to buy weight exercise equipment and health fitness equipment such as peck deck, leg press, shoulder press, triceps dips machine, chest press machines along with many pairs of dumbbells of different poundage, weight plates, lifting rods, kettle bells benches, lifting belt, etc. These different machines and free weights of different poundage will let you workout different muscle groups efficiently.

You have the option to arrange these machines and equipment in such a manner that there should be enough space for all. You can also arrange these machines and equipment in such a fashion that a quick workout circuit can be conducted.


Price will definitely be more if you decide to set up your own gym in your house. You can contact with the distributor to buy weights and equipments and can ask for the bulk discount. Also pay special attention towards the maintenance contract of machines like treadmills and cross trainer, etc.