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Stairmaster Workout Benefits

Many fitness experts and trainers believe, and advise their clients, that finding exactly the right kind of exercise for a particular individual is one of the most important steps toward losing weight.

People vary greatly in their tolerances for specific kinds of activity, and a person who is shoehorned into an exercise program that goes against the grain of his or her basic capabilities and preferences is less likely to succeed with it in the end.

For many people, the kinds of impacts experienced during running and similarly stressful activity can be a show-stopper when it comes to exercising. That fact, to a large degree, explains the popularity of the Stairmaster and the elliptical trainer, as these devices allow users to work out intensively without enduring the joint discomfort or even pain that can result from running.

Low Impact – High Intensity Exercise

In fact, this is one of the greatest Stairmaster workout benefits. Despite allowing users to engage their cardiovascular and muscular systems to at least as great of a degree as any treadmill does, the Stairmaster imposes virtually nothing in the way of impact on users’ bodies.

That means that those who settle in for a session on the device can be sure that their efforts are leading entirely in the desired direction, instead of being diverted into causing discomfort in their knees, ankles, hips, and other load-bearing joints.

Longer And More Productive Workouts

Another of the major Stairmaster workout benefits related directly to this one, but shows its effect along the psychological axis instead. Even in those who can endure high-stress, high-impact exercise without much in the way of physical discomfort, simply experiencing those stresses tends to wear away at their commitment to finishing a session.

Those using devices like the Stairmaster, then, typically engage in longer and more productive workouts, putting forth more effort along the way, a fact that leads naturally to improved results when it comes to weight loss and fitness.

Excellent For Weight Loss

The Stairmaster, then, can be an excellent tool for burning calories and building cardiovascular endurance, two cornerstones of the weight loss process. Because it can also be used to impose more difficult loads on users, it can also contribute to the development of greater muscular power, too.

In fact, many trainers and fitness experts today believe that the development of such power is equally important to those who wish to lose weight, so, in this respect, the system can be viewed as a fairly complete package, this being another of the Stairmaster benefits.

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