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Members of the medical profession are constantly reminding their patients of the importance of daily exercise. They stress that even a few minutes a day of movement is good for the heart and other muscles.

Researchers have also discovered that exercise and its benefits can be a way to hold off the development of Alzheimer’s disease in some individuals.

Home or Gym?

For many people, their first decision is whether to schedule their daily workout at home or at a professional gym. Much of this depends on the convenience factor. Having fitness aids like Precor exercise equipment at home can give one an additional incentive to begin their program.

They have the advantage of being able to watch television, listen to music or multitask while they are involved in cardiovascular activity. Should the weather be unpleasant or it be late in the evening, there is never a reason to leave their home just to use fitness equipment.

Other people can not find the motivation they need while they are in their home environment. When at a gym, they find inspiration from others. Having a personal trainer on the premises makes asking questions or requesting help easy. Finding a gym or physical training facility that contains an assortment of Precor fitness equipment is one way to diversify workouts and eliminate boredom.


Precor treadmills provide a smooth balance of walking and running. Many people find that beginning their program with a walking routine is an easy route to take. This form of exercise takes little training and reinforces movement that comes natural to them. Having a treadmill indoors becomes a continuation of their daily regimen.

A treadmill has the additional benefit of creating the walking or running environment that is perfect for you. The subject can set the belt speed and incline to their current level. As they progress, this can be made more difficult to increase one’s endurance.

Walkers and runners enjoy being able to speed up, slow down or pause the treadmill as they need to. They find that the control they have over their fitness equipment allows them to pace themselves as necessary.

Elliptical Machines

Those new to working out often find that elliptical machines take a small amount of training. They are however, easy to learn and involve less jarring movements than a treadmill.

In general, problem areas like knees and joints respond well to the smooth movement of this piece of equipment.

Precor Ellipticals

These elliptical trainers work by having the subject use two pedals much like a bicycle. They pump them while standing, and the circular motion of the machine becomes a continuous ride.

Unlike a treadmill, this workout is completely free of impact on the body. For individuals who suffer from prior injuries or arthritis conditions, this machine supplies them with a superior exercise environment.

Treadmill or Elliptical Machine?

Precor exercise equipment has a variety of equipment types and styles that can fulfill any fitness regime. They feature a full line of treadmills and elliptical machines. Both types of equipment will strengthen your cardiovascular system, as well as helping you to tighten many of the major muscle groups of the body.

Each type of machine has its merits, and finding what is right for you is the key to keeping with any program you begin. Much of your choice will ultimately be based on your comfort level, fitness level, goals and personal pattern of exercise.

Want more information on our line of used Precor fitness equipment? Contact one of our gym equipment specialists today!