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Looking to bring in new business to your gym? Are you lacking a solid member base?

Getting new members into your gym can be difficult. It can be a hassle trying to keep up with all of the latest trends in gym equipment or classes.

If you just focus on the fundamentals of gym advertising then anything else you do will be an added bonus.

The true goal in advertising is to get people talking about how great your gym is. You want to get them in the door, ensure they have a great time, and have them come back, and tell all of their friends about you.

With the four simple steps listed below you should be able to achieve just that.

Gym Promotions

Everybody likes to save money. Offering discounts on services, clothing, supplements, or even classes, is a great way to get people in the door of your gym.

This can give a lot of people who may have never gone to the gym a cheaper opportunity see if it’s for them. Even if they only try it for a while, they will at least know what it’s like when they are ready to come back.

A great way to introduce promotions to your gym is through a service like Groupon.

Groupon is a website that features many different businesses by offering deal-of-the-day coupons for their services. Customers then have the option of purchasing the deal of the day coupon, which is usually 40-60% off of the retail value of the service.

They then bring the coupon with them on their next visit to your gym. You can choose which coupons you offer and how long they last on the website.

This not only helps bring in new members, but they are usually happy customers because they just got an amazing deal on either a gym membership for so many months or a special class they’ve been wanting to take.

Gym Facebook Fan Page

Everybody loves Facebook and almost everyone has one. Having a strong social media presence can be extremely helpful in trying to spread the word about your gym.

You can post things such as new classes you might be offering, new equipment you just purchased, or upcoming events you might be hosting at your gym.

You can start a completely free Facebook advertising campaign by simply posting the news to your page’s wall. Or, you can take advantage of Facebook’s paid advertising service.

Not only will your clients see the posts and gain the new information but they also have the opportunity to share it with their friends and that’s where the magic happens.

You can check out our Facebook Page where we post new equipment arrivals and special gym equipment sales and promotions!

Sell Gym Accessories & Supplements

Does your gym have a logo? It should. Try investing in some advertising items such as water bottles, towels, or even t-shirts.

You can have a small area, typically by the entrance, where you have these items on display so people can see them. While the return on investment may not be significant, it does get people talking about your brand and brand awareness is what it’s all about.

You can also sell protein powders, protein bars, vitamins, supplements, energy drinks, and of course bottled water.

You can even go beyond that and try yoga mats, ear buds, heart monitors, and pedometers. Pay attention to what customers that come to your gym are using and try providing those products.

Partner With Local Businesses

There are plenty of local businesses that want to promote a healthier image, so partnering with a gym seems like the logical choice.

You can make this work to your advantage by displaying information for you gym in their store or offering coupons to that store’s customers.

Typical stores that partner with gyms are the ‘healthy eating’ restaurants, vitamin and supplement chains, smoothie or frozen yogurt chains, and many more.

Anywhere you think people who go to the gym are likely to shop for food, retail, or treats.

If however, your gym sells retail items you may want to stay away from vitamin or supplement stores to avoid backlash and being accused of stealing customers.

When people pay money for a service they like to know that there is value in that service. By honoring their coupons or keeping them updated on new events at your gym you have the opportunity to make them feel appreciated.

That not only helps them feel great but you can be sure they are going to spread the word about you.

These can more than pay for any investment you’ve made by bringing them and any friends of theirs aboard.

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