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We know that when you buy or rent a new gym you not only have to focus on outfitting it with a full suite of gym equipment but the type of flooring you choose in each area of your gym can really make a difference.

That’s why here at Equip Your Gym we not only offer a wide selection of used gym equipment we also offer many types of flooring solutions for your gym.

Whether you are building a new gym or changing up the flooring in your current gym we have a options you and your customers are going to love.

Here are 6 of the great flooring options we carry.

WoodFlex Flooring

We offer the WoodFlex Flooring that measures 7/8” in the hardwood finish. This flooring comes with a foam underlay and sturdy clips to hold it into place. WoodFlex flooring is a great flooring solution for your gym because the pre-finished surface does not allow bacteria to grow.

This is great for gyms because of the many people per day that will be working out and sweating on top of it. The installation of the floor is effortless and to keep it clean all you’ll need to do is dust mop it once daily and wet mop it once per week.

This flooring is built for gyms and designed specifically with group exercise in mind so you can expect great durability and for it to last a long time.

Interlocking Mats

Interlocking mats are a very popular choice among home and commercial gym owners. We carry them in the size 4×4 in gray and in may color speckled options. You let us know what you’re looking for and we can deliver.

Interlocking mats are great for protecting your gym or garage floor from harm but can also protect your equipment when placed on rough surfaces. We recommend you get the interlocking mats with the beveled edging for the best results.

Dojo Mats

Dojo Mats can be a great alternative to interlocking mats and they work the same way. Both will help protect your floors and equipment from hurting each other while also providing a softer surface for your clients to workout. Our Dojo Mats come in the size 1x1x1.

We currently offer the Dojo Mats in red, blue, black, gray, and in a nice faux wood finish. These mats are a nice touch to any home or commercial gym space.

Bully Mats

Bully Mats are perfect for outfitting a garage or an entire facility. You can use these to protect your flooring, equipment, and decrease the floor impact of certain workouts. Bully mats are thicker than regular interlocking or dojo mats thus offering more protection for your floors and equipment.

Our bully mats come in the size 4′ x 6’ and have cuts underneath to prevent mold from growing when water from cleaning seeps under the mat. You can count on the bully mats to protect your floors and stay sanitary at the same time.

Reflex Tiles

Reflex tiles are recycled rubber flooring that blends the highest raw materials into an extremely durable surface. We carry these tiles in the 3/4” 12” x 12”. These are great for gyms due to being designed for high-abuse environments.

The reflex tiles are also great for reducing noise and providing a comfortable surface to help alleviate workout impact. When using reflex tiles you can count on a low upfront cost, long life, non-skid surface, shock absorbent, scuff/stain resistant, and an easy installation.

Rolled Rubber Flooring

Rolled rubber flooring is a very popular option in home gyms, hotel workout rooms, and school gyms. This flooring can range in multiple levels of thickness and comes in standard black or in many different speckled color options.

Rolled rubber flooring is great for protecting the floors of your home or school gym from free weights and exercise equipment such as the treadmill. You can choose how much you want to use to get the desired effect. Rolls of rubber flooring are a low cost alternative to interlocking tiles.

The rubber flooring is made of recycled rubber material and has a feeling similar to that of a car tire. It’s also low on odor, non-slip, and water-resistant.

You can see we have many different type of flooring options here at Equip Your Gym. You are sure to find something that will go perfectly no matter what the space may be.

Get in touch with us today we’d love to find out how we can help you find the perfect flooring solution for your home or commercial gym.