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When starting up a new gym you’re going to incur many costs. One of the largest will be the equipment you’ll need to fill the gym. It’s important you don’t run out and immediately spend tons of money on equipment. 

Take your time and decide exactly how much you need, whether you want to go new or used, and what your budget might be.

By doing this you can almost always guarantee a successful opening.

Good Fit

The first thing you want to do when looking at new equipment is to measure your gym. It won’t do you any good to buy a bunch of equipment you don’t have the room for. Make sure the equipment can be spaced properly. You don’t want your members touching each other while they are working out. This will gross out most. Not to mention the accidents or injuries that can occur.

It’s also a good idea to come up with a layout of your gym before you buy equipment. Try taking a walk and drawing up a rough sketch of where your different areas will be. How many machines do you want in each area? How many machines will each area hold?

Deciding on a layout before you buy the equipment can help avoid the machines being too close and can make setup a breeze. The flow of your gym will benefit when everything has its place.


The price of the equipment is also important. The last thing you as a new gym owner want to do is go overboard on the equipment and not have money left over for rent and utilities. Not to mention the other costs of starting a business.

Create a budget for your equipment. This will help you know what you can and can’t spend when it comes to outfitting your gym. If your budget isn’t that large try going used over new. The quality will be similar but the price difference can be significant.

This can help you get the machines you want without having to pay high dollar for brand new equipment.

Make sure at the end of it you aren’t spending more than you need to on equipment. Keeping it reasonable will allow room for everything else to fall into place.

Right Amount

Making sure you have enough equipment is also important when outfitting your gym. Do you have enough equipment to keep multiple members happy at once? Try starting small and adjusting as you get more members in your gym. Making sure there are plenty of machines to be used is a great way to keep people coming back.  

Not sure how you want to set it all up? Trying visiting a gym similar in size to yours to get ideas. While you’re at this gym try paying attention to the members around you. What are the pieces of equipment you see used the most? What areas seem the most crowded?

You’ll want to order the right amount of machines to keep your customers happy. You never want to have an issue where all of your machines are full. This can lead to unhappy customers.


On the topic of new and used, you will need to decide which will suit your gyms needs better. There are lots of great brands of equipment out there some more expensive than others. If you have high hopes of finding the latest and greatest equipment for your gym you might end up spending more than you planned. 

However, if you like certain brands and don’t mind investing in slightly used versions you can get great deals on used equipment. This will allow you to outfit your gym with equipment you can be proud of at only a percentage of the cost of buying new.

Not only is this great for when you first start your gym, but it’s also useful if you’re looking to upgrade. Keeping up with machine trends and member requests doesn’t have to be so taxing. You can find great deals on used equipment to keep your members happy.

Finding a proper used gym equipment dealer is vital in finding equipment that lasts. While all will promise great equipment it takes a good dealer to deliver on that promise.

Here at Equip Your Gym we understand the value in providing excellent used gym equipment and that’s what you’ll find.