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When you start a new CrossFit class in your gym you’ll notice changes in your students. These changes compared to students of regular gym workouts are going to be much different given how different of a workout CrossFit is.

Here are 5 changes you’ll notice in your CrossFit students.

They Actually Want To Be There

The greatest change you’ll see is your students actually want to be in your class. Most people are bored with the same old workout routines and they are looking for something more. CrossFit can be just want people need to get motivated and moving.

While they may not have considered themselves an avid gym goer before, they’ll now find themselves drawn to the gym 5 days a week and can’t quite figure out why. CrossFit gives you a new mindset. It can make what used to a feel like hassle turn into the best part of your day.

Their Confidence Levels Are Higher

Anytime you achieve something you’ve had your heart set on you feel a little more confident in yourself. This is a common trait you’ll notice among your students, even if they haven’t achieved their weight goals yet. They feel better about themselves which is something they probably haven’t felt in a while.

CrossFit students come in for a high intensity work out and leave extremely satisfied. You can tell when a student leaves CrossFit class, compared to a regular gym class, because they are pumped and are generally happier to have spent their time there.

They Are Better Team Players

CrossFit is an intense workout program that takes a lot of motivation from those around you. It causes you to push yourself to your limits. Having the support of your partners is what really drives you to maximize your potential.

CrossFit students typically form relationships with their workout buddies. You know you both are going through the tough workouts together and you form that emotional support that keeps you moving.  The students will find they want to be better than their classmates and encourage them at the same time.

When you suffer together you become closer and that’s what a big part of CrossFit is all about.

They Are Generally More Positive

When you stick a student in a regular workout class who is unhappy and not willing to give 100% they are probably going to get negative results. After all, they had hope it was going to work but they told themselves it wasn’t going to from the beginning.

When you’re in a CrossFit class your surroundings change quickly. If you don’t adapt and get moving you’re going to get left behind. There’s a certain energy that charges the air of a CrossFit room, it motivates people to want to get going and get the workout done.

This experience alone will change people’s outlook on fitness and they will be more willing to try the WODs you throw at them. Not only try, but give 100%.

They Don’t Shut Up About It

The great thing about CrossFit is it’s so intense you have to tell everyone you know. After all, you can’t believe you just survived that class. You have to tell them about the amount of workout you just did in 1 hour compared how little you usually do in 2.

You as the teacher will notice your class is growing because the students are spreading the word. They want people to be as excited about this crazy thing called CrossFit as they are. This can mean great things for your gym as the more people who join your class the more money you make.

Just remember why you are doing it though, and make sure the instructor does as well. When you lose sight of the purpose of the CrossFit class, the class will lose it’s energy and people won’t want to tell anyone about it anymore.

While CrossFit isn’t for everyone, it can do great things for a lot of people. There’s quite a bit a person can get from just a 1 hour CrossFit workout.

There are much more than physical changes that happen from taking a CrossFit course that make it worth the time, energy, and money put into it. Make sure your students see the value in what your class has to offer them by pointing out these changes you notice.

They’ll thank you for it.

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