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When introducing CrossFit to your gym, just like with any new class or product, you are going to be hit with questions.

These questions will come from people who may have never heard of CrossFit, aren’t sure what it is, or are just curious to see how you’re going to run your CrossFit class.

Here are a few of them and what you can say to be prepared.

What Is CrossFit? 

This can differ depending on the type of CrossFit class you want to run. The typical definition of a CrossFit class is one that incorporates elements from many different types of workouts. All aimed at increasing strength, endurance, performance, body composition, and efficiency. 

CrossFit is often promoted as an intense physical workout and as a competitive fitness sport. It helps your students become better at doing their workouts and helps push them beyond the basic boundaries of strength, health, and fitness.  

Is CrossFit For Me?

When your potential students ask this question they are typically asking how hard is the class going to be. Your answer can be as simple as ‘Are you willing to put in a lot of work to get the best results possible?’

Most people will say yes, not actually mean it, and you’ll never see them again. 

The best way to answer this question is to say ‘Are you someone who is  looking to boost endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance all within the span of an hour?’ 

This answer is going to leave them curious to see how in the world you manage to fit all that in the span of an hour. They’ll come to your class, realize how, and stick around for the energy of it all. 

Do I Have To Already Be In Shape?

Most people have this concern. People come to a gym from all different stages of their life. Some are physically fit and work out often, others work out occasionally, some work out every now and then, and others never work out at all. 

People typically ask this question because they’ve heard more about CrossFit or they’ve seen videos of what happens in the class, and it looks difficult. The beauty of CrossFit is that it can be scaled to all levels from beginner to master. 

You can offer a beginner course that focuses on training the moves the right way or a master class that is fast paced. A one size fits all class will work as well. The newcomer will graciously be accepted into the ranks and taught how to do the moves the right way to get the best workout every time. 

Can I Do CrossFit If I Have An Injury? 

CrossFit teaches how to do exercises right with the right form and movement. When doing exercises the right way you are rehabilitating your injuries thus helping them heal faster.

Make sure you tell your students not to push themselves too hard if they have an injury. That’s a great way to hurt themselves even more.

Does CrossFit Prepare You For An Event or Race?

The typical CrossFit class serves as a high intensity workout. While some CrossFit classes can focus on training for a specific event most CrossFit courses are made for everyone to join in. You’ll need to specify if it’s a certain type of class in the class description.

How Long Is The Average CrossFit WOD?

The typical amount of time spent on a CrossFit class is 1 hour. This gives plenty time for the warm-up, skill session, explanation of workout, examples of movement, and the workout itself. The great thing about CrossFit is it’s different everyday. You’re going to want to take the time to teach your students how to do each exercise properly. This can help everyone avoid unnecessary injuries.

Does CrossFit Make You Bulky? 

This is a common question you will get from the ladies. Most women who workout aren’t in it for the big muscles, they just want to stay fit without bulking. CrossFit increases lean body mass through core strength and conditioning exercises.

It is not a bodybuilding course.  Your students should know they can expect to become leaner and toner, not bulkier. 

Is CrossFit Cardio or Weightlifting? 

CrossFit is a high intensity mixture of both cardio and weightlifting. It takes aspects from many different types of workouts and puts them into 1 hour. The workout changes daily so your students will never do the same thing in a row.

This ensures they will each see progress and get the best bang for their buck.

Of course these aren’t the only questions you will receive from potential students about your new or existing CrossFit course, but they are the most common. Now you can be prepared to provide a short and to the point answer for each.