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People are always asking if CrossFit is safe. A fair question with all the buzz flying around about the sport.

Chances are you have a friend who spends most of the week in a CrossFit, or maybe you’ve watched the CrossFit Games on TV.

CrossFit gets a lot of bad press about the injuries, bangs, and bruises ‘CrossFitters’ tend to get performing the jerky, Olympic-style moves.

But is it all just myth? Just jealous mainstream fitness gurus trying to smear the name of this surging fitness movement?

In the video below, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jordan Kerker shares his experience with CrossFit as a participant and doctor to shed some light on the rumors and truths.

The big takeaway is no matter what fitness program you participate in, if you don’t use proper form or stick to an exercise level equal to your experience, you risk injuring yourself in the process.

Be smart and use common sense when starting an exercise program.

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