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CrossFit is a high intensity workout style. It is made of up 5 key components that are addressed with each different workout that is introduced into the program.

For some, the high intensity of it may be too much. For others, it can be addicting and they are constantly looking for ways to change it up to get more out of it.

Here are the 5 basic components of CrossFit and what workouts are used to address each one.

Strength & Endurance

The point of strength and endurance training is to not only be stronger but to be stronger for longer periods of time. You want to be able to bench press more and longer.

It’s easy to bench press a weight 5 times but can you bench press that weight 10 or 15 times? That’s the point of strength and endurance training.

Keep a watch out for those in your gym that are trying to show off how much weight they can press one time. Explain to them that the benefit of being able to do it many times means that you are in fact stronger than the person you are competing with.

A good example of a CrossFit strength and endurance workout is the use of the Concept 2 Rower. It’s an indoor rowing machine that simulates rowing a boat on water. The great thing about it is that it stresses many muscles groups at the same time.

While there are more indoor rowing machines in the fitness world than just the Concept 2, many avid CrossFit students and teachers swear by the machine’s unmatched durability and efficiency.


The definition of performance is the action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function. CrossFit helps improve your performance of the many different workouts that it offers but also of everyday tasks and activities.

Boosting your performance can mean boosting many different aspects of the way you handle the different workouts that are in most CrossFit programs.

A good example of a CrossFit performance workout is the use of the Plyo or plyometrics box. You use the Plyo box for jump training. Jump training involves your muscles exerting maximum force in short periods of time.

These workouts help build both your speed and power, which increases your performance on other workouts.

Body Composition

CrossFit Training

By putting in the work you will see the results. The change in body composition that CrossFit can bring is great. It addresses many different areas on your body that need to be worked out with high intensity workouts.

When done the right way and done safely, you will notice a good change in your body and the way you handle everyday tasks. Most people are looking for that change in body composition when starting a new workout. You have to explain that it takes more than just the high intensity workouts to achieve that change.

Taking in healthy foods and nutrients are key to benefiting the most from a good exercise such as CrossFit. You can work forever at CrossFit and never see results if you don’t take care of yourself nutrition wise outside of the gym.

Having a healthy balance of the foods you need to keep living healthy are important. Getting your clients to realize the value of good nutrition is just as important as providing good workouts and training.


Strength, endurance, and performance all play a role in efficiency. You will notice that everyday tasks are easier when you are in shape and healthy. You will have the strength to do the tasks you couldn’t before and the endurance to keep on doing them long after you would have quit.

Just like any workout CrossFit can help you be the best you possible when done correctly. Once their efficiency is at it’s highest your clients will notice that it takes less effort to do more. This is the main goal of the efficiency boosting aspect of CrossFit.

Have you noticed a lag in newcomers to your gym? Do you feel like your workout and training programs are growing a little stale. If you, like most gym owners, are looking to offer more to your clients than just the typical workout, then CrossFit is a great option for you.

As a gym owner providing added benefits to your customers should always be your goal. The high intensity thrill of the workout will leave your clients questioning why they never did it in the first place and keep them coming back for more.