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Have you been giving some thought to joining a gym but are too ashamed because you are so out of shape?

Practically everyone has felt self conscious about their body at one time or another. It does take courage to go into a gym for the first time.

Chances are that the people there are so involved with what they are doing that they will not even notice what you are doing.

Everyone in that gym had to start somewhere. Do what it takes to get yourself into the gym. If you have to wear a baggy tee shirt to hide any lumps and bulges, then do it. You may also want to go to the gym during slow times like late at night or early afternoon.

Once you have made it inside the building, you will have to decide which piece of top gym equipment to use.

Start Your Exercise Routine Slow

If you have never used any gym or cardio equipment before, it would be wise to have a session with a personal trainer. You can easily hurt yourself on the equipment if you don’t know how to use it properly.

Also, it is potentially dangerous if you do not warm up before working out. Do some stretches for 5 to 10 minutes before starting the workout.

Some newbies come into the gym with so much motivation that they will over do it. You do not have to do all the cardio machines and then lift all the weights. Exercise for 20 minutes, and then stop and go home!

Stationary Bikes For Lower Impact

If you are overweight, you are probably putting extra stress on your knees and other joints every time you stand up. Most experts agree that stationary exercise bikes can give you a good workout with the least impact on the joints.

The bike should be properly fitted to your height with a seat position that leaves your knee slightly bent (5 to 10 degrees) when the pedal is at its lowest. This preliminary adjustment helps to ensure that no added stress is put on your joints.

Here’s a short video on how to adjust your seat height:

Most people sit too low on the bike which means your leg doesn’t go through a full range of motion. Plus sitting too low adds stress to your joints. Stationary bikes do not help you burn as many calories as some of the other pieces of equipment, but just remember you are going slowly to start out.

Stair Steppers & Elliptical Machines Are A Logical Next Step

After you have been working out on the stationary bike for a couple of weeks, you are probably ready for another piece of equipment. Stair steppers and elliptical machines provide less joint strain than a treadmill or rowing machine.

To use these machines you are standing upright so you will be burning more calories than you will on the bike. After you get used to the elliptical equipment, you can activate the arm components to burn even more calories.

Treadmills Burn The Most Calories

The cardiovascular machine that burns the most calories is the treadmill. If you are walking briskly you will probably burn 100 calories per mile. A treadmill can be used by people at many different fitness levels, because the incline can be moved up and the speed can also go up from walking to running.

However, treadmills can cause some individuals to have joint pain. If you notice that your knees and/or lower back are starting to hurt, get off the machine and go to another type of equipment that will put less stress on your body.

As a beginner you must remember to not go too fast. After all, you don’t want to work out so hard that you can’t move a muscle the next day!