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6 Things To Consider When Opening A CrossFit Box

Most gym goers get excited when they hear the word CrossFit. Some think about what it would be like if they opened their own box one day. While it may seem like a dream come true, and if that’s your dream it would be, there are definitely things you should to keep in...

5 Changes You’ll Notice In Your CrossFit Students

When you start a new CrossFit class in your gym you’ll notice changes in your students. These changes compared to students of regular gym workouts are going to be much different given how different of a workout CrossFit is. Here are 5 changes you’ll notice in your...

8 Frequently Asked Questions About CrossFit

When introducing CrossFit to your gym, just like with any new class or product, you are going to be hit with questions. These questions will come from people who may have never heard of CrossFit, aren’t sure what it is, or are just curious to see how you’re going to...